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[Event Invitation] Ossus Achievement Summons & Kills

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[Event Invitation] Ossus Achievement Summons & Kills

UlaVii's Avatar

01.11.2019 , 04:20 PM | #1
Please Note: We completed this event on Sunday 13th January 2019.

My guild Stroke my Wookie are running our next server event this Sunday afternoon at 13:10 GMT/UTC (14:10 CET) and we invite you to join in. You do not have to be a guild member.

This Sunday we'll summon you to the two openworld datacrons (you have to get the 3rd solo) and then we'll bring you to each of Don the Exiled Knight's journal entries before we finish up with 400 turned-based kills to get the final achievement.

13:10 GMT/UTC (14:10 CET) Sunday 13th January 2019

How To Join In
All you have to do is be on either Imperial or Republic fleet or Ossus at event start time and put a + in general chat when we start invites. We will summon you to each location.

Character level and gear is not important but you must be able to access these areas. If you want to take our summons to reach the locations you will need to have your personal starship unlocked. We use Teamspeak for voice comms so please make sure to have it installed before the event starts as we won't be typing all afternoon! We'll give out the connection details on the day.

See you there and make sure to tell your friends!

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01.13.2019 , 12:57 PM | #2
With almost 200 players across both factions in one location you can imagine how easily we activated the super special slideshow easter egg feature where we all got to watch frozen player models but with effects still triggering. Was quite pretty with the never ending purple lightning 😄

Today we got everybody 400 player kills on both factions, 2 datacrons unlocked in the legacy panel, Presence +5, Mastery +6, 4 of Don's journal codex entries and Don himself as a decoration and achievement.

Next week we go for the 50k Manhunter achievement 🎯 (I'll post more about that nearer the time)

Here are some posts that can help you with getting the final Ossus datacron which you have to do solo: