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After 7+ years of playing...

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After 7+ years of playing...

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02.15.2019 , 09:26 PM | #11
LOL...i'm almost embarrassed to mention...

2,610 days (joined 12/24/11...It was my christmas present to me)
I remember wanting a new game, never played KOTOR, but i remember reading about it so i looked it up and hear i am.
It's funny. I have legendary status, pretty much champion rep with every faction except kuat and ossus but for almost the first year to 2 years I refused to play imp side. I'm old enough that I can say I've seen all the original trilogy movies in the theaters and growing up i wanted to be the Jedi Knight. Then one night I decided to roll a mara (shocking), and i can say I really do enjoy the imp side too, so much that I want to build my knowledge on that side of the hill too.

Regarding the stories, in my head I love my knight and smuggler as they were the first classes I played. Then I like SW, SI, JC*, BH, with Trooper and Agent taking up the rear.

2 things...first let's start with me putting the agent story low (my opinion), its not star warsy (is that a thing?) enough and to be honest the story, while good, is predictable. The trooper story...3 words "for the republic" gets old.

Well I guess 3 things. The JC story. (why there's an asterisk) It drags and it is monotonous, but its star warsy (I'm making this a thing) and here's why. In my opinion again Jedi were also the diplomats for the republic because they held no bias except for the republic, so sorry that's the story that has to be told as this class and yes it can drag but that's the JC. not fun story (FUN to play) but needed as a jedi character in this game.

sorry so long a post, but this has been on my mind for a while and yes i enjoy playing.

and i've been a sub since my first day playing

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02.15.2019 , 10:53 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
I prefer the Republic and mostly my smuggler. I do have characters on both side but I tend to play my dark side characters (empire) when I need to kill someone, like when the post office has decided to lose a box I mail and tells me to be patient after a week. Right, time to kill someone......
I lol'd when I read this. You're funny!

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02.16.2019 , 01:43 AM | #13
100% Imp. I have some repub characters but I rarely ever log them. my favorite is the Sith warrior, with Sith inquisitor #2. Bounty hunter is fun, but not as fun as Sith

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02.16.2019 , 03:19 AM | #14
Been playing since Feb 2012 so 7 years. Subbed for most of it though took a couple of months off back when they started up free to play.
Although I enjoy both Imperial and Republic I prefer Republic. My favourite classes are force users, sorry boring and obvious answer there but this is Star Wars after all. I just love playing a force user that doesn't follow all their rules. The code is just too restricting. Knight is my favourite but when I fancy a bit of murder and mayhem I play an Inquisitor, a really psychopathic crazy Sorc.
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02.16.2019 , 04:30 AM | #15
I've been playing this game since June 2014, and I'm still going through few of the class stories. (Been a very slow player, I know, even though I have never taken breaks from the game ) Still need to finish Trooper and after that, Knight.
Inquisitor and Agent were the first classes I completed back in 2015, with Inquisitor being my main through Sor, KoTFE and KoTET. Now my Agent is my main, with Consular on Republic-side acting as the main there.
My favorite class stories are Agent, Consular, Inquisitor and Warrior. Trooper, Hunter, Knight and Smuggler all have great stories, but there's just something that makes the aforementioned four my overall favorites. Many thanks for those who have clicked my Referral link, I've been able to unlock many things. ^_^
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02.16.2019 , 09:14 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by xordevoreaux View Post
Been playing since July of 2013 and I'm ambivalent as to faction.
I'm just glad this wasn't a clickbait "I'm leaving" thread.
That was my first impression too. Been playing since Spring 2013 and likewise ambivalent to faction.

As far as story goes, my top three are SW, IA and BH. As far as class goes, I prefer stealthers, particularly Shadows/Assassins. There's an irony that these two more enjoyable classes are at the bottom for class stories [JC improves sharply after Act 1, SI is in dead last]. I also like Gunnery Commandos; they're an easy class to play.
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Dweessies's Avatar

02.16.2019 , 09:51 AM | #17
I've been around since the beta as well. Did all 3 class stories on 3 different servers, ended up with 40+ characters on Star Forge that I'm trying to trim down. Haven't really played much since 5.0 as the CXP grind pretty much demotivated me (there's just something about a game emphasizing RNG that can't write a decent RNG generator). With the last patch though, I'm done. Sub is up in 2 days and will not be renewed. Since the patch, EVERY SINGLE toon I try to play runs into a new game-breaking bug. Which I'd expect if I was trying to test games written by high school beginning programming students, but not by a so-called AAA game publisher.

So long all, may the Force serve you well (or be with you for those who're Jedi inclined).
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02.16.2019 , 10:10 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by MorseGod View Post
I prefer the Republic primarily because I prefer playing the good guy, and everyone says that being a LS Imp or DS Pub makes for silly story choices in this game.
I would never say such thing... Even NPCs for both factions can be on various degree of LS\DS (like Darth Silthar in Tatooine planetary quest seems to be very friendly with his team and goes as far as trying to preserve the culture of people who hurt him and of course there is noble Lord Praven in Knight story; on the other hand you have 'end justifies means' people like Garza and Saresh in high places of the Republic).
So, LS works for some imps (Sith can pretty much do what they want, Sith code is about following your heart so they can be as nice or cruel as they feel at the moment; Agent has no reason to be overly cruel or evil because he's all about efficiency; BH is a freelancer and in theory can accept any contract he or she wants), DS works for some Pubs (Trooper is a soldier on the battefield and with a really nasty superior - some evil \ bad choices can be expected in the heat of battle; Smuggler is a freelancer and in theory can accept any job offered). Only JK and JC don't work as well as DS because such person would be kicked from the Order and\or imprisoned as a danger to the Order and the Republic.
As for me - joined March 2016
Faction: Empire
Class: Lightning Sorcerer
All grind and no joy makes Jack a dull boy.
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02.16.2019 , 10:31 AM | #19
I've been playing since January 2012, but often had breaks. I've mainly played the vanilla content and have a lot of alts.

I have a legendary status, so I played all class stories. I love the Empire but hate the Republic, the Smuggler is the only Pub class I really enjoy. My favorite classes are the Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor and Warrior.

This game is just too addictive, even with it's flaws.
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02.16.2019 , 11:50 AM | #20
Damn, this started out just like a game is dead thread. I'm disappointed. I kid, I kid. I play mostly Empire. There's just something missing from the Republic side to keep me entertained for long.
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Id find it hard to believe this sort of thing goes on in the preferential treatment forum.