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Arcann romance appreciation thread! Haters keep out please!❤

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Arcann romance appreciation thread! Haters keep out please!❤

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02.12.2019 , 09:36 AM | #5831
I finally gave in to the temptation of having some commissions done...

I am sooooooo in love with this one!
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02.16.2019 , 03:28 PM | #5832
FYI Eric Todd Dellums is voicing one of the villians Aaravos in Season 2 of the Dragon Prince Series with his Arcann voice. It's on Netflix for anyone interested.

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02.16.2019 , 04:21 PM | #5833
Quote: Originally Posted by Iheaca View Post
I finally gave in to the temptation of having some commissions done...

I am sooooooo in love with this one!
It's sweet ^^

I had fun a few days ago watching an episode of Supernatural season 13 in french.
First Dean has the same VA as Master Relnex, Sam has the same VA as Corso, but the best part of that episode was a medium voiced by Senya's VA whose son was voiced by Arcann's

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02.17.2019 , 01:07 PM | #5834
Quote: Originally Posted by TripLight View Post
FYI Eric Todd Dellums is voicing one of the villians Aaravos in Season 2 of the Dragon Prince Series with his Arcann voice. It's on Netflix for anyone interested.
Whaaaa-? How could such a helpful and obviously trustworthy man be a villain?! 😅

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Today , 05:34 AM | #5835
Hi everyone -waves- been reading back and there has been quite a bit of discussion going on -Can't decide if I should leave the forum less...or more >> -

Quote: Originally Posted by witchglove View Post
While I'm always happy to see this thread resurrected
Bump ^

Quote: Originally Posted by witchglove View Post
I'll focus on the more interesting part of your post: Bedding Arcann
For me anyway 00 -Though as a rule, if it's a choice between a discussion about bedding or politics/ethics and transient properties between real life and fiction (spec Fantasy/Sci-Fi)...I'd always pick bedding-

Quote: Originally Posted by witchglove View Post
It doesn't really make sense to me to talk about whether I would or wouldn't romance Arcann in real life. There's so many aspects of the character that can't be transferred to the real world.
Bump ^ Especially given the profound effect/co-dependency(?) the force/the groups devoted to the force promotes.

Not to mention that our own understanding of our brains/ minds is limited. Understanding the effect events or biology can have on it is still a relatively new area, adding the fantasy/sci-fi elements to this further complicates the issue.

Quote: Originally Posted by witchglove View Post
However, if I existed within the Star Wars universe, I would totally romance the heck out of Arcann And I would take him over Theron or any of the other more conventionally attractive men in the game any day. I RP all my characters and none of them are particularly like me, but the only romance that I'm really emotionally invested in, not just because it's part of my character's story, but because it makes me feel things, is Arcann's. And I'm not even a little bit ashamed of that
What is this `conventionally attractive` thing you speak of? sounds made up to me

Quote: Originally Posted by Damask_Rose View Post
I watched a video of the Khem romance and it was very sweet. If his alien physique bothers you, romance doesn't have to include "doing the deed". Remember, this is a universe where a Hutt and a Pa'lowick can date.
I'd have to watch through the various interactions to decide one way or the other (for me!), but on the whole I find who the character's are and what dialogue/action choices are taken can effect the overall feel of the relationship And as for physique thats not really an issue for me in or out of the starwars universe. The shape of something doesn't dictate it's intellect/ sentience. Still, can make for some interesting compatibility problem solving though

Quote: Originally Posted by Iheaca View Post
Never be ashamed!!

Funny, because shame is part of my new chapter.

From Ashes We Will Rise - The Slithering Snake - part 2
An expertly done plug good Sith -bows- I really need to catch up with this, not even sure where I last got up to . Oh well from the beginning it is -Reading Arcann Fanfic, such hardship -

Quote: Originally Posted by Yeldah_ View Post
No trolling going on here. Only genuine curiosity of course.
I'm gonna go with a solid few then. After all the threads pages aren't Just me talking to myself, I promise!

Quote: Originally Posted by gamephil View Post
But I actually don't view him that way. I'm perfectly happy that he got his redemption arc. I don't think it was done well, but I did want it to happen, because to me he was another victim, just as Vaylin was. He just presented differently. He still did horrible things. He was in no way more rational. Before the ritual, Senya even said that without it, he would lash out at them, even after he had saved her life in a moment of clarity. He was broken, and he got help, and was then able to fully express his remorse for what he'd done, but it was after he got help, with the exception of some individual moments, similar to how Vaylin showed another side when she met fake Thexan.

Personally, I"d just love it if this contest about which one of these abuse and brainwashing victims was worse or deserved to die for it would die in a fire. They both should have been helped if we so chose, not one over the other, and I am deathly tired of hearing both about "space Hitler" and "psycho chick". They were both victims of an eldritch horror who was the only real villain here, both did wrong, but one of them we got to choose to help, the other we were forced to hurt more before killing her. That's it.
Very much this ^ I don't believe anyone was in their right mind -drastic understatement - And I wish the whole arc didn't feel so rushed I think it would have benefited from more time to flesh out the interactions between the different characters I would have loved to get to know the eternal family better, it's exactly the kind of story arc I'd be fascinated by. But too much of what other people enjoyed about the game (old comps, Class story, continued contact with class factions etc.) was almost completely cut out...So I'll just have to hope the new narrative will have some of what I'm looking for, that chara's from that arc won't completely disappear. It likely won't help with Vaylin's situ though, I'm not really sure what could be added at this point to help -frowns- Maybe some points to discuss feelings on KOtFE and KOtET with involved charas? A lot happened in that short time for our protags and their not really given much opportunity to voice opinions on whats going on, what actions they're being forced to take. Plus they have only just got Valky out of their heads (prior to Iokath-Traitor storyline) think it's time to stop and process.

Having a new/returning chara ask about some key events could be a cool way of doing it, like they are catching up/getting a first person perspective of events they've just heard about. The option to just skip over if your chara just wants to be done with it (know some want to get away from the whole story line- would make sense for some charas)
I could see some closure for Vaylin through/with Senya. I don't think she was allowed what I would have expected, considering how close they once were, how determined she was to reach *both* of her children.

Quote: Originally Posted by Damask_Rose View Post
I strongly disagree with you here. There is a lot in game in various places to indicate that Vaylin was born broken. Even as a small child, well before there was any type of abuse, she was dangerously violent. She learned she liked to hurt people BEFORE there was any torture involved. Now, I'm not claiming that Arcann's military decisions were anything but extreme, but he didn't do them for fun. He did what he thought he had to do to win a war. Vaylin killed for fun. Vaylin was not insane in a legal sense of the word. Like all other sociopaths who discover they like to torture and kill, she knew right from wrong, she just didn't care.
I would tend to disagree with this, most young children will exhibit signs of sociopathic behaviour at a young age; they're still growing/developing that part of them, it's why that early stage (learning to interact with others etc) is so important.

Being a `sociopath` is when for various reasons these areas of the brain don't develop as they typically would (or get damaged?) or at least thats my understanding. It's not that they choose not to relate, they just don't. And thats not even going into the fact that even being a clinically diagnosed sociopath doesn't actually mean you'll be dangerous. There are a lot of factors.

Regardless we cannot say that she would have been the same without/prior to the torture, there lacks evidence either way. Simply she wasn't given the chance, thats all we can know .

Quote: Originally Posted by Damask_Rose View Post
Your theory that Vaylin hate died down because she gets killed falls down because Quinn hate is alive and well despite people being able to kill him. Here are two recent Reddit posts on them. One on Vaylin and one on Quinn. Do you not see how wildly different they are treated?

Seeing Arcann, Koth, Quinn and their fans treated one way while seeing Vaylin, Jaesa, Thana and their fans treated another way, looks pretty gendered to me.
I would say that the intensity is different, but it is worth noting that the intensity is higher because they feel threatened by Arcann/Quinn because there is president/chance of future content. They just dismiss Vaylin because they don't see her as likely to get future content (given they would have to get around her death - It's like the comps that can die but worse). They'll still kick at the fans that like her, because why not?

As for the other comps mentioned, I've seen some serious shaming for all of them >> and the shaming's the problem not the other charas or their fan base.

Everyone is scared/sad they won't get more time with their faves (folks that love the charas/game anyway) and thats a crappy place to be Doesn't matter who your routing for, and no one should be making anyone else feel bad for liking a character. Nobody should feel targeted because of which fan base they belong to.

I would hesitate to say gender has no factor in it, but I would hesitate to say any attribute has no factor in the results. A lot goes into people's reactions and they aren't all the same. It's just complicated, like all people things are...

Which is why I vastly prefer discussing bedding

-phew- Sorry for the wall of text, and the dragging up old topics XD But I think a lot of you had interesting points.
-aaaaand I never appear to be around when you make them ><-
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