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New Player Ship Recommendation

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New Player Ship Recommendation

Drakkolich's Avatar

02.12.2020 , 01:34 PM | #1
Often new players get very overwhelmed with GSF, and even though there are many good guides for top level ship builds, there really hasnít been a ship build for new players so far. This is what this thread is going to try to tackle, Iím going to recommend a build and playstyle that I think new players will be able to both contribute to their team with, but also learn the fundamentals so theyíll be able to transition to the more complicated ones later on.

This guide is for how to play this specific ship and assumes you know the very simple basics of GSF, things like how to lock and fire missiles or aim lasers. If you donít know these basics please check out some beginners guides on these forums or the GSF School videos ( on Youtube and return to this thread afterwards.

The ship Iím recommending is the Type 2 Strike, the Quell on the Empire faction or the Pike on the Republic side.

This ship's specialty is being able to swap between 2 different missiles.

With that being said letís get to the fun stuff, the ship build!

Heavy Lasers (Ignore Armor/Shield Piercing)
Proton Torpedo (Increased Firing Arc/Increased Range)
EMP Missile (Increased Range/Engine Suppression)
Quick-Charge Shield (Reduced Cooldown)
Barrel Roll (Increased Ship Speed)

Armor: Lightweight Armor
Capacitor: Range Capacitor
Magazine: Efficient Targeting
Thruster: Regeneration Thrusters

Offensive: Jaesa Willsam 6% Accuracy/2 Degrees arc
Defensive: Vector 5% Evasion/10% Shield max
Tactical: Treek Sensor Radius +3000m/Sensor Dampening +2000m
Engineering: Blizz 13% Engine efficiency/ 15% Engine Pool
Copilot: Blizz Hydrospanner

Offensive: B-3G9 6% Accuracy/12% Secondary Cooldown Reduction
Defensive: Nadia Grell 5% Evasion/10% Shield max
Tactical: Treek Sensor Radius +3000m/Sensor Dampening +2000m
Engineering: C2-N2 13% Engine efficiency/ 15% Engine Pool
Copilot: B-3G9 Hydrospanner

Now letís talk about how youíd play this build, since the whole idea here is to find a good build that is also good for very new players, Iíve made the build as easy to play as possible. The general idea is simple, we fire EMPís at targets and after they use their engine maneuver to break it or if it lands then we swap to Proton to deal massive direct to hull damage. Iíll go into more detail later on with different tips for how to play more efficiently.

Right now letís talk about how to use our abilities weíre going to have on our bar.
First up in the ď1Ē slot we have the ability to swap missiles, your generally going to want to be on EMP Missile most of the time, thatís the missile you open with, however should you see someone use their engine maneuver in front of you, simply press 1 and swap to Proton and lock and fire that at them.

Second in the ď2Ē slot we have our shield Quick-Charge Shield, this one is super easy to use, if youíve taken some shield damage and suspect youíre going to take more press that 2 button, it will give you some shields now and up your in combat regeneration significantly.

Third in the ď3Ē slot we have our engine maneuver Barrel Roll. This engine maneuver has a very long cooldown, but itís advantage is it sends you very far in a straight line, meaning itís very easy to aim it, you always know where youíre going with it. Itís very important that you donít aim yourself into open space, you want to end up somewhere near something you can orbit, like a Satellite or an Asteroid and just a structure of some kind. After youíve used it, youíre going to be very vulnerable to enemy missiles, which you need to stay near objects until itís almost ready again.

Fourth in the ď4Ē slot we have Hydrospanner, this is another super to easy ability to use. It regains your ships hull, it repairs you. All you need to do is anytime your ship is any color but green on your interface you press 4. You have to be at 80% hull for the ship to turn yellow so even there youíll get the full amount of healing of your hydrospanner, so you never have to worry about ďwastingĒ it.

I made a quick video of myself playing this build with my teammates, just to give you a rough idea of how it plays. I'm hoping to make others in the future, but I know many of you like videos out there so you can actually see how stuff works.

Alright so now we have a build, we know how the abilities work, but ships donít start out mastered, you have to earn requisition to get this build maxed out. This next part will be a good path for how to spend requisition as you earn it until the ship is mastered.

The formula Iím going to be putting these in is the Component and then a number, the number is the upgrade number from top to bottom, for example Barrel roll 1, would be the first upgrade for Barrel roll reduced power cost. While Heavy Lasers 0, would be you swaping the starting component out for Heavy Lasers.

Here we go!

Barrel Roll 1 (500)
Barrel Roll 2 (1250)
Heavy Lasers 0 (1000)
EMP Missile 0 (1000)
EMP Missile 1 (500)
Proton Torpedo 1 (500)
Regeneration Thrusters 0 (500)
Regeneration Thrusters 1 (500)
Regeneration Thrusters 2 (750)
Heavy Lasers 1 (500)
Quick-Charge Shield 1 (500)
Quick-Charge Shield 2 (1250)
Efficient Targeting 0 (500)
Efficient Targeting 1 (500)
Efficient Targeting 2 (750)
Efficient Targeting 3 (1250)
Lightweight Armor 1 (500)
Lightweight Armor 2 (750)
Regeneration Thrusters 3 (1250)
Lightweight Armor 3 (1250)
Range Capacitor 1 (500)
Range Capacitor 2 (750)
Range Capacitor 3 (1250)
Barrel Roll 3 (5000)
EMP Missile 2 (1250)
EMP Missile 3 (2500)
EMP Missile 4 (5000)
EMP Missile 5 (7500)
Heavy Lasers 2 (1250)
Heavy Lasers 3 (2500)
Heavy Lasers 4 (5000)
Quick-Charge Shield 3 (5000)
Heavy Lasers 5 (7500)
Proton Torpedo 2 (1250)
Proton Torpedo 3 (2500)
Proton Torpedo 4 (5000)
Proton Torpedo 5 (7500)

Total 76750
Assuming you play the daily every day youíll get 12 400 req every week. So without any req from the actual matches youíd master this ship in only a little over 6 weeks (Not to mention that would master ALL of your ships not just this one)

There you go, and now youíre mastered!

Now weíll move onto Tips and Tricks to play this build well. All of these are going to assume the build is mastered, because tailoring specific scenarios for different levels of requisition would be way too time consuming, also it really doesnít take long to master a ship these days, so I feel it wouldnít be that helpful.

- When using EMP missile always remember about itís Area of Effect ability. You can always target something that canít use a missile break to force a hit on a different target if heís nearby. For example when someone is near a Defense Turret in Domination or a Drone you can simply EMP that target which will make the AOE hit everyone else around as well, letting you swap to Proton and fire at different targets that now no longer can use their engine maneuver to break the missile in flight.

- One trick I like a lot, is letís say your target is in perfect firing range for your lasers and youíre getting some great laser damage in. Once your missile lock is finished simply donít fire it, continue getting great laser shots in. What this does is for your opponent to make a decision, either they use their engine maneuver not to break a missile in flight to stop taking laser damage or they continue dying to laser damage. Youíd be very surprised how many players just let themselves die to lasers. (This trick can also work on you though, donít be afraid to use Barrel roll to simply get out of laser fire range, just remember to orbit an object afterwards to keep yourself safe from missiles until Barrel roll is almost ready again)

- This ship isnít going to be great at dealing damage while actually being on a satellite in Domination. It can however be very tanky while doing so, when playing defense in Domination make sure to swap to Power to Shields (F2) and focus more on landing EMP missiles then anything else. When doing so youíll be more of a support roll, but focusing on this activity is going to be great practice for later on when you start playing other ship builds that do deal damage well on Satellites.

Well weíve got the build, we kind of know how to play it now but why is this build good for new players?

First of all, this ship is the easiest ship in the game to manage engine power on, which is the life blood of GSF, if you run out of engine power youíre going to be far too slow to move around and youíll be easy pickings. The reason itís the easiest is Quick Charge shield makes your engines recharge faster when youíre using them then normal. It also has extra speed, extra engine regeneration, more just raw engine power to start and more engine power efficiency.

Second up, all of the abilities are very simple to remember how to use, take hull damage, press 4, take shield damage press 2, got a missile fired on you look straight to where you want to go and press 3.

Thirdly, every single weapon bypasses shields on this ship, so every time you hit someone with a weapon you are dealing lasting damage to them, you donít have to kill anyone in a small window of time. All of the weapons also ignore armor completely, so you donít have to worry at all about swapping to specific weapons to deal with any kind of high damage reduction build.

Fourth up, this ship has the longest firing lasers in the game, many players struggle with staying in range with their lasers to deal damage, this ship gives you the highest possible range to make it as easy as possible to be able to hit with your lasers.

Lastly, Missiles are the easiest weapons in the game to aim and the fact that they are longer range ones, means theyíre even easier. While locking these missiles might not make you deal super high amounts of damage on the scoreboard, you are dealing constant damage or forcing other players to use their precious missile breaks so that your teammates can either capitalize on that or get away from whoever might have been chasing them.

To end Iíd just like to mention that there are plenty of other good builds for new players, I just feel this one specifically is going to be one of the easiest to learn on, while itís also teaching you the fundamentals of the game youíre going to use for many of the other tip top ships youíll play later on.

Hope this helps and as always feel free to add any questions you might have.
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Realtrek's Avatar

03.24.2020 , 07:30 AM | #2
Thank you for this!

The advice - and more importantly the tone - is encouraging and helpful to those of us struggling with the frustration of doing well - or more accurately, not doing so well - in GSF.

This was actually, positively, helpful, and a pleasant change from the stock 'git gud' or 'learn to fly' snide comments I've seen far too often posted in the GSF or Ops channel post-match.

This post was helpful. A lot!

Rotatorcuffs's Avatar

04.03.2020 , 07:21 PM | #3
Yes thank you for this guide. Really well written and explained. I prefer the Imperium, but that ship only becomes useful once you can afford a lot of the upgrades, until then this is probably the best choice as far as Strike Fighters go for new players.

Drakkolich's Avatar

04.03.2020 , 10:31 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Rotatorcuffs View Post
Yes thank you for this guide. Really well written and explained. I prefer the Imperium, but that ship only becomes useful once you can afford a lot of the upgrades, until then this is probably the best choice as far as Strike Fighters go for new players.
I mean the Imperium/Clarion is my favorite ship, this guide was more for newer players and the defensive tools of the Imperium/Clarion are quite a bit more difficult to play properly.

I'm glad to guide could help though!

If you'd ever want to do a 1 on 1 training session for the Imperium though feel free to let me know and we can set that up.
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