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Need help choosing class/spec (Returning after long break)

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Need help choosing class/spec (Returning after long break)

OneHappyMoose's Avatar

11.19.2019 , 09:13 AM | #1
Hey everyone! I am returning after a 3ish year break. I had 3 lvl 70 boosts available. I used one to boost an Immortal Jug, one to boost a bounty hunter healer. I boosted those because they are classes/aesthetics I enjoy. I want to use my final boost however for a meta PvE class. Either DPS or healer. Do not really care about story/looks/aesthetics etc for this one. What be the best FOTM to use this boost on for 6.0. Thanks!

HartAtkOneOhOne's Avatar

11.25.2019 , 04:24 PM | #2
I have a similar issue I lost access to my original account and email I miss having all my legacy upgrades I had but when I left swtor in rise of the hutt cartel because my super expensive computer became unrepairable I went to console gaming with eso I really like tanking but it's been forever since I knew the meta of this game and I was an experimental mmorpg newb back when swtor first launched... I've read multiple forums, and watched multiple videos on peoples opinions on "swtor best tanking class 2019... A lot of the forums say Shadow Assassin is the best except 1 raid where it can be one shotted... The trooper in forums say it's the worst tank because the only thing it has going for it is a shield but videos say it's the best class overall and well swtor academy on YouTube says ranged classes are better overall especially in pve... Sith warriors and juggernauts are always listed as second best without much explanation except for like 1 video where they say it's the worst tank because of rage/aggro bar and basically how you have to generate rage especially while rage dwindles over time thus making rotations much more complicated as well as the sometimes you can't use a certain move at pivotal times because you don't have enough rage...

Aezint's Avatar

11.26.2019 , 09:24 PM | #3
If you want persona bias, I'd suggest you play Agent and spec as either Markman for Sniper, or support for Operative.