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Blazing Bolts animation

Darth_Sidewinder's Avatar

06.21.2019 , 11:50 AM | #1
Is there no one who has been disturbed by the looks of the Blazing Bolts animation? (mercenary, arsenal)

It's been annoying me for years. The animation just outrules all laws of physics. You shoot, it leaves your blaster in a straight line and then they both turn in a broken line inwards.
If I could, I would switch back to Unload in a second. Unload looks epic, this is ridiculous. Obviously a barrage from two blasters can be made to look good, so what is this supposed to signify? That the Merc is so good that they can shoot behind the corner, or...?
I have always been advocating for Mon Calamari Imperial Agents.
"Mwa ha ha, you fools, IT all was A TRAP!!!"

Telvaine's Avatar

02.26.2020 , 10:11 AM | #2
Finally bothering to post on these forums just because of how badly this animation irritates me. I was shocked when I finally unlocked blazing bolts and it suddenly turned one of my coolest animations into complete nonsense. As far as I can tell there is also no difference between Unload and Blazing Bolts, other than that it gains the benefit of some of the passives.

A huge reason why I play classes like bounty hunter is to experience the game without constantly using magical fantasy abilities (the force) but now my pistols for some reason do magical fantasy stuff. Why?