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Eye for an Eye in Feats of Strength? Why?

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Eye for an Eye in Feats of Strength? Why?

TheRandomno's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 03:31 PM | #1
The new Feats of Strength section features existing achievements from various removed content, including EV/KP NiM, the DvL event, and Galactic Command. But it also contains <Eye for an Eye>, the achievement for making 10 killing blows in a match where you were also defeated 10 times.

This achievement worked until about June 2014, at which point it stopped working for some unknown reason. The devs have been silent on it until now where we see they have put it with the rest of the "archived" achievements.

What is the issue with fixing this achievement rather than removing it? It isn't removed content like the other stuff, just bugged. If anything from PvP should be moved there, it should be <Rookie Huttball Player>

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10.08.2019 , 11:10 AM | #2
Could we have an answer on this question please?
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