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Sensationalism overload

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12.14.2011 , 07:53 AM | #1
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryokyo View Post
You know, it is a little strange. I can understand what some fans say about the in game economy and such. They do have a point. But that having been said, I think the way most people waiting for the game and doing nothing but whine in the meantime are showing an appalling lack of both maturity and their disrespect for the "franchise" of which they claim to be so passionate.

Only a few have any real understanding of what is happening here. You see, we've come into an age where, like TV in the 50's, people of all ages sit in front of a wonderful box, and get nothing but what I shall call "Instant gratification." Most people who sit down at a keyboard every morning to start the new day have about a 2% clue as to what it takes to get "content" onto the oh so small screen that comprises their own little window on the world.

Let us suppose for a moment that the game opening was at a set time, as it is on the 20th. Would the people yowling like an orchestra of scorched cats be any less "Vocal" or generally unpleasant if they opened the game at 12:01 am on the 20th for everyone, and had the entire thing crash and burn, going down for hours or days at 12:03 AM?

Thousands of people you can't see on the screen are working as hard or harder over this week as they have for the past two years so this game can happen at all. They are in purgatory right now, trying to make a large bunch of miracles look easy and seamless. For your general information, I've worked with computers since you had to flip switches on the front of the case to program them, one bit at a time. Mull that over for just a minute, and then think about putting 30 or more frames per second up for these crybabies to see every-single-second-of every-day.

My point overall is that we've become spoiled. Badly so, and then jaded on top of it all.

Star Wars "Fans", bah humbug!

If people who believe in the Jedi and the light side took anything at all away from the Canon, it ought to be to cultivate patience and serenity in the face of all this. Yet, they act more like Sith.

For the people who would follow the Dark Side, this is about "passion" at its ugly extreme. Wait. Focus. Charge yourselves with the passions that govern the Sith, and when the moment comes, cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. You have passion but no focus. You have anger, but no purpose. The Sith you would be is wasted by the petty emotions and whining which consumes you now.

This is not about being a "fan" of anything save massive amounts of "Instant gratification" for people who know nothing more blindly than "They want." Like newborns they cannot communicate well, and they have only the most basic set of needs and drives.

So my "friends" remember the next time you "stand online" waiting for people to hand you a series of wonders, "force yourselves" to think about how lucky we all are to have all of these layers of wonder before us, while some cry like spoiled brats that they cannot have one teaspoonful more a fraction of an instant sooner.

I played a test weekend. I have been "in game." I want to play as well. As soon, and as often as I can. But I refuse to renounce all that I know, and all that I have seen and learned, in order to "harp" my way (back) into the game.

Every instant that I could be petulant and out of sorts about not playing, I turn my thoughts to all the people "busting hump" so that all of us have a game to "get into" in the first place.

So should you...

In closing, let me ask the scorched cat orchestra something else. Five minutes after you're in game and grinding, how much will all of the waiting matter?


Sry this isn't to place to find the wrongs of the world.

People are paying to much attention to the "Why didn't I get in" Rants, than the "How this could of been avoided" argument.