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Scrab T2 Scout main - New GSF channel!

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Scrab T2 Scout main - New GSF channel!

Scrabs's Avatar

06.18.2020 , 03:56 PM | #1
Hey guys!

Some of you might remember me from back in the day (2013-2016 ish) where I made videos of my T2 Scout gameplay.
For those that don't; I'm Scrab/Scrabs and I main the T2 Scout (Sting/Flashfire) in GSF with around 4500 games played.

A lot of time has passed and I've finally returned to GSF and decided to record some videos once again.
There's just 1 new video from 2020 right now, but more will follow!
I'll be sure to post in here when there's a new video up.

Link to channel.

I play on Darth Malgus/Starforge/Satele Shan on both pub/imp.

I had to revamp my build and playstyle to adapt to the new meta, but Scouts are as fun as ever!
Builds will be shown in the beginning of each video.

The games from my old channel are uploaded to this new channel as well. (I couldn't access the old channel because of old e-mail/phone).

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Ttoilleekul's Avatar

06.18.2020 , 04:08 PM | #2
Hi Scrabs (Luc Nodaro) interesting to see the match from your perspective. I will certainly watch this soon

Scrabs's Avatar

06.20.2020 , 09:56 AM | #3
Sure thing man! Nice flying with/against you

Scrabs's Avatar

06.20.2020 , 03:31 PM | #4
New video up!

Since we were 4 "aces" online we decided to make 2 2man teams to try to get a match against eachother, luckily we got a decent one! Enjoy.

Scrabs's Avatar

06.26.2020 , 09:17 AM | #5
Added two more videos this week, the most recent one is a test to add commentary after a game, and while it is long and probably rather uninteresting for some, I'll try to get better at it and spend more time on it next time. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

ForfiniteStories's Avatar

06.30.2020 , 06:00 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrabs View Post
I main the T2 Scout (Sting/Flashfire)
Ah, another pilot of culture. Welcome back!