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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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01.01.2014 , 08:30 AM | #1621
Quote: Originally Posted by NuRhoPhi View Post
Just before we started a HM someone else noticed one merc has 15k health. That was his best gear. Auwch.
Maybe if the group was overgeared, but with tanks with only 33k health, dps sub 30k etc.. er no.
Gree has been interesting this time round, I am guessing because of the holidays there are a lot more people playing right now and a lot of them are doing content they aren't necessarily ready for because the rewards for doing it are so appealing. There's usually a bit of a wait while forming up for Xeno so out of boredom I inspect people's gear and achievements. So many people with 0% ops achievements lining up to do a hard mode. People in green / blue gear with very low health, I am not sure if they believe that's sufficient or if they aware it's a problem but are expecting to be carried through. Can't carry anyone through if half the group are completely inexperienced and unaware of the basic mechanics, and don't even have gear appropriate for the story mode.

On a positive note the holidays seem to have got a lot of people doing the SM and classic ops for the first time, which is great. I grouped up with a random pug hoping for a quick S&V weekly. I noticed they were all a bit undergeared to be able to race through it as most groups are able to these days, which was fine, we've all been there and you don't exactly need best in slot for SMs. However, as it turned out I was the only one in the group who had completed the op before! A couple of the guys said they had tried to group for it in the past but had been kicked for never having done it before, or for making mistakes. So I stayed and we got through Dash'roode after some interesting difficulties - I've never seen the boss tanked half way across the desert before and I am not sure where they were trying to take the shield. Very amusing. Titan enraged before we were even close to bringing him down so after a few wipes we quit. But their enthusiasm made it a fun op, hope they all keep going with it.

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01.01.2014 , 08:56 AM | #1622
Quote: Originally Posted by grrrly View Post
OK, this one is a 16 man ops run, no group finder but definitely weird people. My guild was preparing to do an 8 man SM Dread Fortress shortly after it came out. We were down a tank so were happy to accept an offer from another guild to join them and make it a 16 man run. We join their Teamspeak and find that they are a very social lot, there is much chatter from the guild members including a few who weren't in the ops with us, and a seeming lack of interest in actually getting the op started. Their ops leader sounds a bit drunk, and has much to share with us about his personal life. With a lot of prompting he starts the op and we get through Nefra OK.

By the time we get to Commander Draxus, the ops leader is really slurring his words and has become very loud, and is keen to share with us again his personal life story. We have tremendous difficulty with Draxus, there are people running all over the place, people aren't interupting or cleansing, and we wipe several times. Between each wipe, the increasingly drunk ops leader regales us with more of the same stories, and seems to have forgotten we are in an op. The more sober and experienced members of the ops group are pointing out why we are wiping, and offering strategies to avoid it, but no no, we are told that the reason we are wiping is because the ops leader has not brought his uber DPS toon into the group! Off he goes to save the day, switching to this epic toon, travelling to Oricon, then riding across the planet through hostile mobs because he hadn't unlocked the speeder..... He eventually arrives, but is distracted from the fact that there are many impatient people wanting to get on with op by the arrival in Teamspeak of a long lost guildie. This guildie decides he really needs to have a deep and meaningful with the ops leader, and doesn't seem too fussed by the other people in voice listening in as he shares intimate details about his personal health problems.

At that point, we left. I am not sure why we stayed as long as we did.
Oh dear... sounded like a lot of fun, eh?

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01.01.2014 , 09:35 AM | #1623
Ok. Now I just hate some people. I was on Esseles running with a few people and when I say BRB and came back I find out I was kicked for no reason. Those people sounded like those types that hate people that go BRB.
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01.01.2014 , 05:17 PM | #1624
Had a most interessting Cademimu run today.
I was queueing together with a sorcdps guildy on my lowbe marauder sartunorin for cademimu SM. After sometime we got a pop and got ourselves a merchealer and powertechtank.
Everything went pretty smooth till the 1st bossfight. For some reason the tank ignored the droid and kept attacking the handler. When the droid got activated I noticed my guildy was positioned very badly and got cought by the box where you put the droid in. I guess that either the powertech was very good geared or my guildy helped him out since after some time the handler died which let to the droid exploding.
After the bossfight the tank typed in chat: "Nope" and he left the group. My guess is that he was a pvp'er (he couldnt stop moving around an add for 1 second during trashpulls) and he felt the group wasnt up to the task or something. We pulled out Khem and continued on our merry way.

Just before the wookyboss a jugg 'tank' joined in. When I inspected him I noticed he had only dps-gear equiped. I know around lv 30-ish there isnt much real tank gear, but my lowbees never wore critrating and high mainstat gear. After we succesfully killed the last boss a heavy armor piece dropped with high strengh on it. That moment **** hitted the fan and the juggtank started a debate with me

jugg: come on ..... its heavy armor dude
me: lol... dude, I rip out the mods/armoring/enhancements
jugg: ffs
me: we both can use it and you are a tank. This was a dps piece
jugg: u use medium armor and I dont care that u rip out mods. Dont need on armor u cant use
me: I can use it
jugg: <censored 18+ cursing>

The part which most intrigued me was that the juggtank got so angry about a DPS-piece which gimps his job of tanking. I could fully understand it if he was a juggdps (I would still roll need on the piece since I always ripout all pieces).
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01.01.2014 , 05:41 PM | #1625
Duran'del here:

Czerka labs HM seems to hate me.

Tank is over geared, but EXTREMELY cocky. We kill the droid with no problems, when we get to the Security Chief, we wipe. Tank blames it on my gear(Campaign gear with some 162 and 156 pieces). I tell him its not my gear, and we kill the boss. As spoons as we get to the experiments, tank leaps in, not letting us regen. DPS died because of this. Tank doesn't even let us CC. When we get to Rams us, we wipe because tank releases all the adds, and I can't heal through the damage. DPS asks tank to play it safe. Tank ignores him and does it again. We wipe for the third time. We rezz, tank plays it safe, we kill the boss, and Tank gets ignored.
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01.01.2014 , 05:46 PM | #1626
I was doing the empire lvl 10 FP (forgot the name), and we had a lvl 13 tank, he did a good job, stunned the big guys until we managed to kill all others but him, but when we got to that one republic veteran, he began to kite him around the room, no one really managed to hit him unless the two sith warriors (a juggernaut and I) jumped at him, he was getting to low health and i asked him to stop kiting him, he said ok, and then began to take him away from the group even though the AOE he drops only fell far away from him, and he went with the group until the end, continuously sporadically being a good and annoying tank, like he was two different people.

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01.01.2014 , 05:58 PM | #1627
This is such a great thread to subscribe to... I love reading all these stories
Quote: Originally Posted by idnewton View Post
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01.02.2014 , 06:18 AM | #1628
Quote: Originally Posted by fire-breath View Post
The part which most intrigued me was that the juggtank got so angry about a DPS-piece which gimps his job of tanking. I could fully understand it if he was a juggdps (I would still roll need on the piece since I always ripout all pieces).
I think most people will agree with the Jugg, rather than with you. If he can use the entire armor, while you'll just take out the mods, don't you think he can make better use of it, especially if he was already badly geared. Flashpoints aren't only about grabbing as much as you can, unless you want to make as much enemies as possible.

The first tanking gear doesn't come until 33 (from Boarding Party, I believe). Before that you choose either crit or power, or you run around in greens with +1 defense and 1/3rd of the stats of any other armor. There were some +Defense enhancements from quests, but that's about it, as far as I can remember.

Either way, I definitely wouldn't call him weird.

Weird would be 9 people dieing on the last boss in Athiss and yet still killing the boss, I did that (and I didn't die!)

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01.02.2014 , 08:23 AM | #1629
Quote: Originally Posted by fire-breath View Post
Had a most interessting Cademimu run today.
This post would fit in here much better if it was posted by either of the tanks you mentioned. For the powertech tank, because apparently no one except him (including you) knew the encounter mechanics - and for the juggernaut, because someone else (you) rolled on his armor just because you "can rip the mods out".

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01.02.2014 , 10:06 AM | #1630
With all due respect, i tend to disaggree with above posters.
If this is how many people think, than I think I know why there are so many posts in here about weird people.

I wouldnt call tanks normal if they are wearing low endurence gear and needing on other low endurence gear followed by making a huge fuss when someone who can use the gear too wins the roll. (extracting the armoring/mod/enhancement is a valid mechanic, why else would you have custom gear like the 4 crates we just got for the latest patch hmm? ;-))

I also wouldnt call it normal to leave a group at the 1st sign of trouble. Neither is ignoring a question what was up with him leaving the group.

FYI, its very cute that you berate me about being a ninja and unware of mechanics. I can assure you that its the other way around. I'm very generous about gear, running for the bonus and what not. I'm not saying I'm the most skilled gamer around here, but I have both healed, dps'ed and tanked all current flashpoint and ops content.
Progression raiding toons on the big RED
Macewindy - Sab Slinger since patch 1.2 through ups and downs
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