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QOL Improvements - What does the community want to see?

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QOL Improvements - What does the community want to see?
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Kameki's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 09:44 PM | #261
--Hood up/down
--Remove cloak clipping with vehicles.
--Allow hoods with Kallig's Countenance and the Dread Master's mask from Dreadtooth
--Legacy bank tabs
--Increased mission log cap (know it ain't gonna happen)
--Ability to interact with interior in my ship/ being able to sit at a bar in a cantina
--Emote for laying down
--Less casual emote for sitting
--More easy to use crew skill interface
--Any improvement to the GTN interface
--Remove Vaiken Spacedock (less serious than other things I would like to see, but nevertheless, I would still like to see it. I'd rather be in Nar Shadda/Capital World for trading etc than Spacedock)
--Faster Seeker Droid cast. From 18s -> 12s would do.
--All moddable shells being adaptive.
--Make modding gear more interactive and remove all non-moddable gear from the game or make all non-moddable gear moddable.
--Weather that interacts with the player character. Snowstorms, sandstorms, solarflares whatever.
--Remove alignment restrictions from lightsabers.
--Allow more weapon choice for classes now that we have class icons on nameplates. I.e doublebladed for Warrior/Knight, Sniper for Trooper, Riffle for Bounty Hunter, Single-bladed for Assassin/Shadow etcetc.
--Make relics less of a stat stick (already got 3+ slots for that) and make them interesting. Have them enhance specific class abilities for example.
--Toggle to remove rockets and backpacks from Trooper/Bounty Hunter armor
--Re-adjust ship dummies to player level instead of defaulting it to lvl 55.
--Toggle to remove silly coloring effects to character. I.e. my char turns purple with 3 stacks as tanking assassin and my marauder turns red with 30 stacks. Also force choke has silly red effects. Bah, really really don't like that. I like to look at my char being awesome, not being dipped in liquid rainbow.
--Make guild members hostile in Outlaw's Den
--Mouseover healing
--Remove priority terminal

I really like where the game is going. Excited to see whats coming next.
Legacy of Iskandar

Macetheace's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 09:58 PM | #262
at the top of my QOL list would be travel cineamtics to watch during load screens. Srsly .. this is done when you start a class, and one other occasion in game, - a small note or the press spacebar to continue should pop up once the zone is loaded and you can move on with your character.

Look at the space travel scene for the Kargga's palace conversation or the Makeb starting conversation taht shows your ship moving, and the orientation of the coamera, and also the shuttles and gravity hook convo that sees you fly into the planet

every load screen should show a trael video,

UrbanSaint's Avatar

05.02.2013 , 11:13 AM | #263
-Legacy-wide Field Respec
I know im a bit on the poor side, but 200k for the field respec seems a bit high considering its only one character perk instead of a legacy-wide perk.

-Ability to toggle the hoods on robes up/down

Can't really think of any other ones atm

Arclide's Avatar

05.02.2013 , 12:53 PM | #264
-!!! Replayable Class story and Companion conversations !!! (without huge rewards maybe with scaled instances something like Char story heroic mode)

-Companion customization (could be implemented as a part of the barber shop in wich you change the appearance of your companion and create an item like "Charname's" "Companionname" customization number
-eric's Ashara customization 3 (in this case it would be the third wich -eric created for Ashara)
-change other gear into adaptive orange gear (cartel market item wich lets you change an armor into adaptive armor)
-dyeable CE store armors and lore gear.
-appereance tabs
-Pazaak, Sabbac, Swoopracing (i think it fits better than podracing).