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QOL Improvements - What does the community want to see?

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QOL Improvements - What does the community want to see?
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03.27.2013 , 07:52 PM | #1
UPDATE: Very glad to see BW introducing new species (finally), as well as a kiosk to alter your characters appearance AND armor dye's. These are the kind of updates that I have been waiting for since launch, so although it's taken a while, I truly applaud their efforts, and look forward to more ideas from this list being implemented! QOL improvements ARE content in my eyes, especially when it comes to customization! It's threads like this that let them know what we want, so please keep the conversation flowing!

OP: I for one was encouraged to hear that upcoming content for SWTOR will include some quality of life (QOL) improvements (see post from Mr. Hickman here). For me personally, this is the kind of content that I most like to see. But the point of my creating this thread is because I would like to know what "quality-of-life improvements" means to you and also what you, the community, most wants. Plus it would be nice to get all our collective ideas in one place rather than scattered threads with three responses throughout the forums.

EDIT: Some have mentioned the "papercuts" thread as already being over 70+ pages long and addressing the same concerns for the communities QOL issues. My interpretation of the idea of the "papercuts" thread encompasses the idea of numerous small irritating things that are not game breaking, but affect overall game experience. Some of the ideas in this QOL thread are more around larger implementations, many of which may require significant dev time, but would go a long way towards greatly improving the ways in which you experience and play the game. At least that's just my two cents =)

I have several items that fall under my QOL category.
Top Three:
Shared Legacy Datacrons
Swap Mirror Class Abilities
Pazaak & Swoop Racing
Shared Legacy Codex
New Customizable Lightsaber grips and stances (rifles/basters too!!!)
Hood Toggle
Armour Dyes
Day/Night and Weather Cycles

Even more far out stuff like color crystal and lightsaber creation systems

Also super excited for Barber Shop, but subscribers really deserve some benefits here! I thought this poster had a great idea for implementation! Barber Shop Done Right!

Anyway, that's my dream list. What is on yours?!

Community QOL Wish List
Legacy Shared Datacrons (except matrix shards, which should need be collected imo)
Legacy Banks (Account storage for rare items & especially for crafting materials)
Double XP for Legacy Level X (30, 50?)
Legacy Mail

More Guild Functions like Calendar/Guild Missions/Achievements/Levels, Mail etc
Guild Mentoring program (Padawan/Apprentice/Master system)
Cross Faction Guilds!
Guild Ships

Account Friends/Ignore lists (cross faction too?)
Account wide settings/keybinds

Character Enhancements:
"Barber Shop" (Done Right!) & more creation options (new hair, tatoos, jewelry, & species) - Confirmed for 2.1 (Appearance Designer Kiosk details from Dulfy here).
Hood toggle
Swap Mirror Class Abilities
Armor Dye - Confirmed for 2.1
Color crystal creation system (or a darker green saber crystal available for my friends who long for this!)

Side/Mini Games & Casino:
Pod and/or Swoop Racing
PvP and PvE Arena Duels... Tournament structures even (I suppose community could also organize those)

UI Improvements:
Global Key Binds!!! (for all characters)
UI Editor Alignment Grid (to make things evenly neat and tidy )
Healing UI Options (Health Text on Focus Target, Target of Focus Target frames, Click to Cast, Mouse-over-healing)
More UI customization (Color change, Raidframes, buffs, debuffs, flashing proc's, fix for mouse over chat/group pane working with keybinds)
Quest Sorting and different color icons for Class and Heroic Missions (on map and above NPC's)

User Experience Improvements:
64-Bit Client (that would truly be lovely)
Day Night Cycles & Weather Effects
Server Transfers
Name Changes
Dual Spec
Animal and multi-passenger mounts
Emote/Mood hot buttons/keys
Appearance Tabs
LFG Chat Channel
Interactive objects (chairs/beds, in specific areas I assume, like ships/cantinas)
GTN improvements (unit price w. sort)
Mod Vendor improvements (sort, sort by stat, etc.)
Improvements to Crafting (make it worth it again; add orange versions of green drops and make them reverse engineer-able)
Chat Bubbles with toggle on off
Starship 'player housing'
A new central hub planet for both factions!
Color and stat crystals separated!

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03.27.2013 , 07:55 PM | #2
1) Sabaac
2) Dejarik
3) pazaak
4) arena duels (pve style)
5) arena duels (pvp style)
6) newly invented mini games
7) swoop racing
8) other casino style mini games
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03.28.2013 , 06:01 AM | #3
1) A second gear "profile" to the character sheet & give us a radio button to swap gear profiles with one click. It would be nice to have this feature just for swapping between PvE roles or swapping between PvE/PvP. (EDIT ~ give that radio button an "ability" icon that can be added to our hotbar)

2) A legacy bank tab or two. Just a shared bank tab where we can put any unbound or BoL item, that our entire legacy can get access to. I'd like to have this just I can do away with, mailing mats in circles, the apprehension of mailing a rare BoL item, and the spell checking paranoia that comes with those.

3) Shared datacrons. It is ANTI-fun to platform for these over and over and over and over.
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03.28.2013 , 06:10 AM | #4
Number one with a bullet: health text on focus target.


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03.28.2013 , 06:11 AM | #5
1) Account-based storage.
2) Account-based friends list.
3) Account-based ignore list.
4) Dye system for armors.

Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

03.28.2013 , 06:12 AM | #6
Hood toggle is on your list, but it's definitely my no.1. Was meant to arrive in the next major update after 1.2 >.>

It's the only thing I care for to rate TOR 10/10. Seriously.

Pazaak would be great, especially if we got bet in-game credits. Imagine tournaments and high-stakes matches where millions of credits come and go!

This game is too laggy and the engine is awful to handle podracing/swoops :'(

Legacy bank.

Cartel Market armor sets turned Legacy.

Ship Teleport - 1 hour cooldown instead of sick 24h.

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03.28.2013 , 06:19 AM | #7
Noone mentioned a priority transport back to the planet you were questing on? Well, id like one of those

+1 to the account wide storage also.

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03.28.2013 , 06:31 AM | #8
Are you people out of your minds?

You didn't learn your lesson from the barber shop?

You may as well call this thread, "things for BW to charge $15/month subs extra CC for"

Stop giving them "feedback", its only going to cost you more the hood toggle that was mentioned last year, BEFORE ftp was announced; dollars to doughnuts that goes into the CM as an unlock.
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03.28.2013 , 06:38 AM | #9
  • Legacy Datacrons
  • Legacy Codex
  • Hood Toggles
  • New moddable gear schematics that actually look nice and are from Star Wars lore, game previews, and character creation screens that are not available (I said schematics because i'm a sub and don't think I should have to buy armor just because the in-game options stink)
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03.28.2013 , 06:42 AM | #10
1. Dual Spec.
2. Legacy-wide datacrons.
3. Ability to go from ship straight to planet.
4. Account-wide chat settings, chat colors, and keybinds.
5. Better ticket feedback, with an "escalated" status rather than just "closed cause we sent it to the devs" and comments about what's being worked on. Email response to tickets that includes the ticket text rather than just the ticket number, cause I forget what the ticket was about when I read emails.
6. Fixed keybind issues (such as T not working if you bind it for targeting, or awse not working for ship piloting (arrows do work)).
7. Ability to select which gathering skill nodes I see on the minimap.
8. Account login on the website that takes me back to the thread or post where I was, once I'm done logging in, rather than to the SWTOR home page.
9. Website pages that don't change their header, page layout, font size and color, and reload all the icons / images 3 times in the process of loading up. Biggest culprit: - just trying to click on the General Discussion forum link but it keeps changing location, size, and shape, and blinks in and out of existence several times as the page loads all the headers above it.