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2 ideas for the future. Some easy, but would be great, and a tough one.

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2 ideas for the future. Some easy, but would be great, and a tough one.

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01.21.2019 , 05:41 AM | #1
First is not exactly new story, but more like an option. The option to reset your own main story so you can try out new paths, new decisions, and without making a new character.

Solution 1 (hard to make, but would be great to have): Put the class story, and main stories into the same chapter system as the Eternal Empire stuff. Starting over a Chapter would only reset the class story so planetary stories, and exploration quests would stay. For companions the system would "switch phase" as long as you are part of that chapter.

Solution 2 (easier to make): Give an option called "reset my story". Or whatever name you like to give it. This option would reset the character's main story to 0. It would start the game again as if you were newly made the character keeping your stuff, level, and everything else. Local exploration quests, and planetary stories would also stay so you would not be "distracted" as you rush through the storyline.

Expansion: ability to reset planets. Reseting planet would reset all of it's exploration, and story quests, that aren't the class story.

2. idea: True side switch. This would be one hell of an expansion with the part of all planets being changed. By entering the next storyline the whole galaxy would enter into a new phase, and it would start with your previous actions revealed, and being forced to switch to the side you chose at the start of the "Jedi Under Siege". After the true side switch there is no turning back without story reset (first idea). At this point the main story separates to Imperail/republic regardless of what class you are. Jedi and Sith would given the option to train themselves to become the pair class. Purely for symbolism. And all classes would get new uniform for next tier depending on their choice. The planets would enter a new phase for the next war, and their quests.