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Do all the Race/class Story happen at the sametime?

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Do all the Race/class Story happen at the sametime?

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01.08.2019 , 06:49 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetSanity View Post
I’m guessing there’s no definitive list of all the class story missions and what order they happen in, chronologically...

Inquisitor mission a
Bounty hunter mission a
Consular mission a
Inquisitor mission b
Trooper mission a

I think it’d be really cool if there was, then I could make a full set of characters, one for each class, and play through the entire story in chronological order, switching characters as needed
Probably not, since there are places where it's evident that multiple missions happen at once. The most blatant example is probably the openers for Trooper and Smuggler, where:
* The new Trooper is riding a walker that eats separatist missiles.
* Corso tells the new Smuggler that the seps just took down a Republic military walker by feeding it missiles.

That tells me that these two sequences happen at exactly the same time, give or take at most a few minutes.

Surrounding evidence suggests that something similar happens between all the starter-world pairs - the Flesh Raider invasion of the Gnarls is "live" for both Jedi classes, etc. - and other surrounding evidence (<Story Arc> missions and similar things) suggests that the beginning of each story planet happens at about the same time for all classes involved. Whether the Imperials arrive on, say, Alderaan before or after the Republicists is open to question, for all the levelling planets except Taris (Pubs arrive first) and Balmorra (Imps arrive first)(1).

(1) But it is not clear whether the Pubs arrive on Taris before or after the Imps arrive on Balmorra.
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01.08.2019 , 10:14 AM | #42
In attempting to do all classes’ story missions in chronological order with each other, then obviously missions that occur simultaneously can be done in any order relative to the others that occur at the same time. :P
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01.21.2019 , 05:24 AM | #43
Well the only times i remember actual passed time mentioned was in the KOTFE. 5 years spent in frozen, and then 1 year spent in defeating the Eternal Empire. Nadia tells, that you met 6 years ago as consular. For the rest there are small signs, but we can say, that they happen roughly close in time.

Belsavis Imperial is about taking over the planet from the rebels, and helping that sith lady with it. We kill her on Consular storyline on Belsavis, and as republic the whole quest series is about retaking the planet which is nearly fallen entirely to Imperial hands.

Taris Imperial is about to destroy the Republic presence, and as Republic you don't even meet Imperials. This suggest, that the Republic happens first. Also in the Hospital as republic you meet infected pirates. As Imperial you met rakghouls there.

On Alderaan stuff seems to happen more like a parallel universe style. As both sides you beat the other, defat Ulgo, and ask the formal ruler house for their support. Same appear on Quesh.

For class story however it could be, that we could set up a sort of timeline on what happens when.