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Fastest way to tier-4?

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Fastest way to tier-4?

-Ashton-'s Avatar

04.01.2018 , 11:41 AM | #1
So ive returned to this game, be it casual. I haven't played since season 1. Just spent the last 4-5 days doing warzones to 70.

So much has changed. have a few questions for anyone who can quickly help me:-

. Tier 4- Gemini MK-5 is the best gear for pvp?

. Grinding consists of warzones and warzone weekly's. This is to gain unassembled comms that you use to purchase tier gear and repurchase until every item is tier -4 and then thats it? (similar to old comms and then ranked coms gear)

. Lethal Mod and adept enhancment are BIS for dps?

. What is considered the fastest to gear tier 4? I cba with any other element of swtor apart from pvp as i play solo.

. Can i anyone give me an idea of whats FOTM and what really isnt? so i know what to look out for in warzones and who to avoid on my merc until i have gear?

Last time i played competitevly was back when smash /sweep dominated dps and Operatives were the only valublle healers.

Thanks in advance

p.s - if anyone from ToFN or Legions of lettow recognises me (Ashton/Lamefish) message me in game i need carrying for a bit)

DavidAtkinson's Avatar

04.01.2018 , 11:48 AM | #2
Pick one char and class you are best at and PVP all the time. IF you are luckyu you will get some pieces from boxes but most gear parts you will get from UC's.

Loadsamonie's Avatar

04.01.2018 , 11:56 AM | #3
Use your tokens to buy Superior Command XP Boosts, and use those when you do extended PvP sessions. In 2 hours I can average roughly 8 crates just from running unranked warzones and GSF.

Ahavery's Avatar

04.01.2018 , 05:38 PM | #4
To OP: Welcome back!
- Tier 4 gear (rating 248) is best for pvp, with 236 augments. New augments come out soon, I don't know if they will be better with bolster or not.

- grinding includes warzones. it can also include fps, ops, and ranked. PVP armor and expertise stats no longer exist. You need only 1 set of gear for both PVP and PVE. So PVE content drops useful gear. group ranked weekly gives out 500 UC's, compared to 125 for regular wz weekly, so gearing is a lot faster if you include ranked. find a pug team of peeps who don't mind losing/don't care about your low gear rating and you are set.

- lethal mod is BIS. adept enhancement is sometimes BIS. I stack alacrity after reaching 40% crit chance due to diminishing returns

- DPS: merc arsenal is FOTM, so congrats! They do good damage and have crazy good, easy to use defenses. Maras are the other consensus FOTM, specifically fury spec. They are much better at single target now, smash/sweep era is in the past. Familiarize yourself with their stun immunity periods and Ruthless Aggressor (utility). Sniper is also FOTM, but to a lesser degree than Merc and Mara in my opinion.

- Healer: Healers in general are OP right now. A good healer can heal through two DPS. This is part of the reason TTK is higher than I like. Sorcs are supreme for their burst heals, high mobility, and utility. OP healers have great AOE but are easier to lock down than sorcs. Merc healers are extremely tough to kill.

- Tank: Full tank gear is abysmal. cuts damage output in half in exchange for only a little more survivability. Skank tank is FOTM, sins in particular. That's tank armorings for the set bonus and shield in offhand slot. DPS mods, enhancements, earpiece, implants, and relics. But update 5.9 will nerf skank tank damage so I'm not gearing my tank right now until I see what happens.
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