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Make Light Side Jaesa Willsaam Romance-able

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Make Light Side Jaesa Willsaam Romance-able

Waspy's Avatar

11.05.2015 , 02:25 AM | #671
I'd love to romance a LS Jaesa! She's the reason I played Sith Warrior to begin with.

Hakon's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 03:56 AM | #672
I Just wanted to say that i used to play TOR full time, but i left after a while and the reason was: no light side romance option for jaesa on my sith warrior.

How i invisioned my sith warrior as a character is a man who firmly believes in the sith code, but chooses t feed and embrace the good emotions, like love, passion, pride, honor, competitiveness.
He wants the empire to be great and for the empire to get justice on the jedi who commited genocde against his people (his race is sith).

Jaesa is a jedi he has convinced to leave the order and follow his ideals as a light sided sith.
Falling in love with her is only natural and can only serve to make both stronger in the force.

The fact i can't play my character how i want is the main reason i stopped playing.
I recently came back, with episode 7 on the way and a new expansion out my hopes were that the jaesa romance arc had been developed so i could go back to my favorite character.

But alas it is not, so im trying a few other characters out to fill my star wars urges till the movie is released.

I feel it only fair to let both the communities and the devs know, you want me to stay a permanent player, and convince my friends to join me and play too, then get the light side romance option for jaesa developed.

I am not trying to threaten or blackmail you devs, i am just telling you the facts, i will play TOR for years to come only when jaesa has a light side romance option, and i believe i am not alone.

Noyjitat's Avatar

12.12.2015 , 06:35 PM | #673
I want this too but so far it looks like they want to give us more alien companions that don't speak english (basic) Most of the alliance recruits all require subtitle reading. Sucks for all those existing romances too because those appear to be on an indefinite pause until they decide to use them in the expansion.

josephinec's Avatar

12.17.2015 , 01:53 PM | #674
I have never understood why light side Jaesa was not a romance option. It's not like she's adamant on calling herself a Jedi(here's looking at you, Ashara), where you can't have a relationship.
/signs petition so boys can have a second choice other than Vette(whom I adore), and maybe make her a choice for girls who like girls and don't like Quinn?
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Vaylin deserved better.

TheCheatz's Avatar

12.19.2015 , 10:32 PM | #675
I'll chime in here. The new companion influence system having no bearing on companion missions changes the way their missions tend to line up. I recruited Jaesa as light side and there was an option to flirt with her during the debriefing on the ship, so I was under the assumption she was a romance option. However, I missed the opportunity to start a romance with Vette; I only found out after I passed Vette's first romance chance that LS Jaesa was not an option.

As such, my SW now has no romance options at all unless I decide to play Fallen Empire with him (which probably won't happen). I'm probably not going to be re-leveling another SW so I guess I'll have to settle for YouTube to see Vette's conversations.

Dyonisian's Avatar

12.21.2015 , 09:39 AM | #676
I don't have much to say, except that its stupid that this isn't possible and I'm disappointed too. I'm playing a sith marauder with a light side Jaesa Wilsaam. +1

Viperswhip's Avatar

12.22.2015 , 02:16 AM | #677
Quote: Originally Posted by Dyonisian View Post
I don't have much to say, except that its stupid that this isn't possible and I'm disappointed too. I'm playing a sith marauder with a light side Jaesa Wilsaam. +1

It's RP, she either tries to become to the ultimate Sith, or she tries to be a good Jedi focused on the Light side. As a Sith she wants to experience everything, and as a Light side she wants to follow the rules, which means, no emotion outbursts and no romance.

The consular gets a romance, but it's with a non jedi who doesn't know any better.

Many companions are not romanceable for whatever reason, and it's all down to RP, it shouldn't be based solely on what you want, but what she wants. You just have to look at a gift guide to know which ones are romanceable.

Guess it doesn't matter since you seem to lose them all in the expansion anyway.

TurtlesAWD's Avatar

12.22.2015 , 01:57 PM | #678
SW story is already a total male power fantasy, there's plenty I'd like to see changed in terms of class stories but this would be low on my list personally, not least of which would be the reason that one way or another strong emotion and emotional reaction is literally dark sided because it causes an imbalance in the force.

Mantisuk's Avatar

12.29.2015 , 07:28 PM | #679
+1 signed. Would love to see a light side Jaesa available.

Shinehah's Avatar

02.27.2016 , 12:25 AM | #680
Quote: Originally Posted by Mantisuk View Post
+1 signed. Would love to see a light side Jaesa available.
+1 ditto.