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Level sync balance is broken

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Level sync balance is broken

Azreail's Avatar

08.21.2019 , 04:12 AM | #1
I'm sure I'm not the only one to post a thread about this but hey ho...

Hopped on last night to try some fps with two friends and found the attempts at level sync (or whatever BW are calling this version) to be very, very broken. Not necessarily just the actual mechanics of the level sync, but the levels mobs are adjusted to is *extremely* poorly thought out.

FP: Red Reaper Vet
Composition: Jug tank, Oper heal, Sorc dps, leve 50 Shae dps (no one else on pts at the time)
Situation: Players scaled to 44. The first pack contains a 47, a 58, a 60 and there's some 65s kicking around the room.
Results: Wiped on the first pack several times because the mobs were inappropriate levels! Every single hit on the 58/60/65s is a miss - either a resist or a dodge. It is impossible to damage them. The tank couldn't hold any aggro even with constant taunts. Healer could pull aggro though (even guarded) and death ensued. Resing at the start pulled us right back into combat and the tank had aissues being able to exit the instance. Gave up after three tries with very quick deaths.
Conclusion: Really, really dumb choice to have mobs in an fp that are over the level difference to the point where you cannot hit them.

FP: Red Reaper Master
Composition: as before
Situation: Players scaled to 70. Most mobs scaled to 70.
Results: Couple of packs of trash were tricky due to volume of numbers and damage output. Healing numbers on trash feel low. Bosses were ridiculously easy (example - first boss had 85k health, tank had 140k). Completed without feeling like a challenge at all.
Conclusion: Bosses too easy, trash about right.

Operation: Karragga's Palace sm
Composition: as before, minus Shae (so yes, three man)
Situation: Players scaled to 50, mobs mostly 50
Results: Couple of trash packs gave us minor issues (e.g. pack with two kintan handlers who can cc, so 2/3 players cc'd at once). Bosses no problems, although we did hit enrage at <10% on Karragga, but no one died.
Conclusion: Far too easy for even a semi-experienced group to underman. If we're not even hitting the enrage on most bosses with a single dps, this is far too easy, even with BWs stated aim of making sm ops more accessible to people.

Overall summary
Very, very broken. Vet RR was infinitely harder than MM RR, which feels like a really bad idea. Vet RR mobs were far too high level, so every attack was a miss/dodge/resist. Being able to 3 man KP SM without a single death on a boss also feels far too easy, even for an sm.

Ssuspriina's Avatar

08.21.2019 , 05:15 AM | #2
As the healer on this little 3 man exploration of PTS I would like to add that in the MM FP healing the trash fights was a challenge, ( I am not the greatest healer in the world but have healed 90% of Hm Ops so i do ok ) but if we had CCed more & been more careful with pulling i think it would have been a lot easier. The bosses in the MM FP were a joke to heal, i was DPSing 90% of the fight & just throwing in an occasional area heal every so often.

When we 3 manned KP SM I found this fairly easy, I was however healing 90% of the fight & just throwing on DoT's every so often to help with the DPS. I was never overly taxed as the healer to a point that i felt I was loosing the fight but I did have to keep up with the healing. I would say it was probably a little easier than solo healing KP SM that is on the live servers at the moment but I only had 3 people to heal instead of 8 people taking damage so that could be the reason. Of course if we had anther 5 DPS in group fight's would have been 80% shorter & then i think it would have been way easier than KP SM on the live servers.