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All that new mess on PTS is too much, we just want 2 set bonuses <Rant>

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All that new mess on PTS is too much, we just want 2 set bonuses <Rant>

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08.21.2019 , 01:42 AM | #21
Gearing diversity is something which is great when it promotes choice. Here's the problem, amplifiers do not promote choice outside of certain specific pieces (mods). Quoting jambalayabungee from a different thread, below are the currently known amplifiers. As you'll note as you read through the benefits for mods are pretty good, no game changing effects but they will slightly impact the way you play. The problem is the damage increasing and DR and healing effects. There are functionally 2 categories of attacks which are better than EVERYTHING else. Anything that affects the Force or Tech class of damage/healing: "Tech Wizardry, Force Sensitivity, Medtech, Force Harmonization, Tech Aegis and Force Protection." They're just flat out better than everything else offered in this category. If you get rid of them then Armor Pen might become the next best, then Periodic Intensity, then AoE damage... etc.

All that those bonuses are is a direct increase in damage output. Nothing else. They don't interact with the manner in which you do damage. You can't increase the number of dot ticks you'll hit someone with over the course of a dot. AoE damage is not going to become rotational unless theres a deeper underlying problem with that classes balance. (Sorc -> Recklessness) Increasing your threat generation isn't a "fun and interesting" mechanic. Threat is a non-issue for tanks, adding in increased threat modifiers to DPS that have to be re-rolled is punishing players for getting better gear by increasing their chance of dying. Adjusting your companions threat modifiers is fine, adjusting your own is not okay. Companions don't affect other players, you do when you play in groups.

Imagine whats going to happen if a player with 5 4% lifesteal enhancements goes into a warzone and proceeds to tab-dot and AoE 8 other players. Now couple that with a healer also healing them, these amplifiers are a vehicle to cause horrendous imbalance amongst all the group content types SWTOR currently has to offer.

As was mentioned previously, allowing for a 15%ish flat damage increase for all players locked behind an RNG wall is a nightmare for balancing content. Do you now balance everything assuming that all players have the maximum DPS increase? What about those players with damage profiles which are not fully Force or Tech and who gain (still significant) more marginal benefits from the % damage increase gear? Do you balance for 10%? 5%? at what point does the content become trivialized before you even acquire the new tier of gear? When do you replace gear that rolls with a 1.5% damage increase modifier?

If all amplifiers were more like the mods category gearing wouldn't have all these questions attached. As it stand this is the WORST. GEAR. RELATED. IDEA. to ever grace SWTOR. Worse even than command crates.

Quoting jambalayabungee from a different thread with the lists of currently known amplifiers & effects.

  • Reinforced Armor : reduces dmg taken from weapon attacks
  • Aural Resistance : take less aoe dmg
  • Periodic Defense : armor against dots
  • Tech Aegis : defense against tech attacks
  • Force protection :well, protection against force XD
  • Fortuitous redoubt: absorb shield when you parry dodge or reflect
  • En garde :reduce dmg taken on first attack out of combat
  • Shield reflection:

  • Force harmonization : more force healing
  • medtech: more tech healing
  • residual Revovery : direct heals leaves an HOT on the target
  • Overward: overhealing gives an absorb shield on the person healed
  • Aural rejuvenation : more AOE heal
  • Readied Healing: increase healing of your first direct heal out of combat
  • Periodic healing : increase periodic healing

  • armor pen : kinetic or energy dmg ignore a portion enemy's armor
  • Periodic Intensity : increase dmg by periodic effects
  • Aural Command : do more AOE dmg
  • force sentitivity : more force dmg
  • tech wizardry : more tech damage
  • First strike : more dmg dealt by your first attack out of combat
  • weapon expertise : more wp dmg


  • Durable Coating reduce durability lost on gear
  • Presence
  • Stim Longevity : stim last longer
  • Diplomacy /archeo /bio / gathering /treasure hunter/ UW trading ... expert : + success rate
  • Bargain haggling : repair cost less
  • Featherweight: reduce damge taken from falling
  • Frequent flyer : reduce cost traveling
  • influencal: comp gain more influence
  • power napping : more rest xp rate
  • Mount speed : increase mount speed


  • Life Stealing :heal the caster for a % of damage done
  • Kwikpacs (lol) : reduce the cooldown timer for health packs
  • Soothing Haste : your heal -gives movement speed boost
  • Hardiness : regenerate a small amount of Heal per second while stunned/ incapacited
  • Threat generation
  • Snaring crits : your crits slows
  • Heal Magnet : more healing received
  • Juiced Meds: increase the effects of health pack
  • Calming Companions: reduce threat of companions
  • towering companions : more threat of companions
  • Combat invigoration: health regen in combat
  • Critical mov : your crit give you mvt speed
  • Overkill: applied a % of dmg dealt beyond what is needing to kill an enemy to an nearby enemy!
  • stealth detection : improves SD
  • rolling heals : heal your caster when your periodic effect crit (dot?)
  • jailbreaking : lower the cooldown of your stun breaker
  • Strong legged : reduce slow on you
  • defensive healing : Hot on you when you use a defensive
  • selfish healing : you heal yourself for more

SHELLS (All pieces but weapons and tacticals):
  • Adventuring bounty - more creds and xp from quests
  • starship bounty (gsf) increases xp and reknown
  • flashpoint bounty
  • operation bounty
  • potent slicing/..crewksills critical rates, mission + critical rate ...
    EDIT: Legacy Experience (increases legacy experience from all sources)
    EDIT: Unlucky: "Sometimes youre just unlucky.Rumor has, being unlucky enough reveals a special reward" ???
    EDIT : Competitive Bounty : increase the reward gained from PVP
    EDIT: Resourceful :improve your gathering from resources nodes