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Powertech Ability, Tactical Item, and Set Bonus Feedback

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Powertech Ability, Tactical Item, and Set Bonus Feedback
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08.15.2019 , 11:54 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by KittyKat_Karrot View Post
Statements like informing this dude that the new DCD is fine and that PTs shouldn't be given a godmode dcd bc they do tons of dmg and could easily be made OP like they were at one point in time? Lol shoo

Man, that was four freaking years ago. FOUR YEARS. What PT needed - what we freaking told them, for years now - was that PT needed a short-duration, hard negation CD to alleviate being targeted first. Now we just have a DCD that is weak as hell and does nothing to change the fact it will be targeted first (yes, even over jugs) and that, because it is based on armor - is specifically vulnerable to any class with any kind of armor pen AND especially so since they have added these amplifiers of which armor penetration is a stat that can now be stacked. Seriously - the DCD is basically useless against a Carnage marauder. That's HARD counter. Way too hard to be acceptable.

So, yes - this DCD is weak as hell.
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08.16.2019 , 12:47 AM | #42
The current 10s duration feels too short. I know there is a set bonus to increase it, but feel the base ability should last longer.

Quote: Originally Posted by Darthanimus View Post
I think power yield would work better if the duration is extended for 1 sec per stack.
Something like this would, I think, work well, and be useful in more situations.

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08.16.2019 , 04:06 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by KainrycKarr View Post

Man, that was four freaking years ago. FOUR YEARS. What PT needed - what we freaking told them, for years now - was that PT needed a short-duration, hard negation CD to alleviate being targeted first. Now we just have a DCD that is weak as hell and does nothing to change the fact it will be targeted first (yes, even over jugs) and that, because it is based on armor - is specifically vulnerable to any class with any kind of armor pen AND especially so since they have added these amplifiers of which armor penetration is a stat that can now be stacked. Seriously - the DCD is basically useless against a Carnage marauder. That's HARD counter. Way too hard to be acceptable.

So, yes - this DCD is weak as hell.
For pve this dcd is fine, it‘s not an insane damage reduction like undying, but it certainly isn‘t weak like a shield probe. I think there are two main problems with this ability:
1.: Why not just give us flat damage reduction? This would adress the issue in pvp aswell. I don’t think the ramp up time it has is a problem since most abilities have multiple damage instances anyway and you should be up to max stacks in half a second when being targeted.
2.: The cooldown feels too long. I don’t think this ability should have a 2 min cooldown that isn’t affected by alacrity. It doesn‘t line up with explosive fuel which makes it kinda annoying in pve since you mostly want to use it as an offensive cooldown, and as an DCD it just isn‘t strong enough to have a 2 min CD. Both its offensive and defensive component probably justify the long cooldown, but then atleast make it be affected by alacrity so the cooldowns line up well.
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08.17.2019 , 09:11 AM | #44
Let's see,
Power Yield
- Increases your armor by 40% and your damage done by 2% for 10 seconds. Getting attacked during this time adds an additional stack, up to 5 times for 200% armor and 10% damage done.

As everyone else said, it shouldn't be reliant on taking damage and too situation for use in PVE even if it works from AoE damage.

Explosive Yield
- (4) Power Yield's duration is extended by 5 seconds.
- (6) Each time you take damage while under Power Yield, the cooldown of Explosive Fuel is reduced by 3 seconds.

Is this a PVP only set?

(4) Searing Wave makes all targets vulnerable to Shoulder Cannon for 5 seconds.
I know this isn't for AP, you better not ask me to use something like searing wave during AP burst. And 5 seconds? isn't the fire rate 1.5s per rocket? Sure alacrity but still you'd barely get off the 4 rockets Pyro gets let alone the 7 AP has. And yes what does vulnerable mean? 5, 7, 10% more damage?
(6) Each Shoulder Cannon rocket has a 25% chance to trigger an additional rocket.
25% chance on 4 rockets, so you want us to get a 6 set for maybe 1 extra rocket or 2 if we're AP? A 6 set for what, worst to best potential 0-70k extra damage every 90s? Talk about inconsistent.

- (4) Jet Charge's range is increased by 5m.
Why would I want this? If you want to make Magnetic Blast and Rail Shot +5m then maybe we have something.
- (6) Jet Charge gets 2 charges.
The charge system in this expansion is broken I don't want to use 2 charges then have to wait double the CD to use 2 charges again (Same applies to the grapple tactical.) Also really? a 6set for an extra jump? No, no, just no.

Carbon Conversion
- (4) Carbonize's cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds
- (6) Carbonize vents 5 heat for each enemy it hits.

Again is this a PVP set? Way too situation for PVE, Unless you're saying all trash pulls are going to be that hard we need to constantly CC

All these sets are far too weak and designed for abilities I don't think people care about. I'd rather get 3 2sets for more mastery or the set of 5% more damage when I guard people. I don't even want to post about the PT specific tacticals atm because they too are simply depressing.

In the immortals words of AVGN "What were they thinking?!"
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08.18.2019 , 03:05 PM | #45
Idea to make current powertech better

Issues - Power Yield's overall powerlevel as an ability is fairly poor.
- Requirement for taking damage in order to stack is ridiculous given powertech's current performance and power level
- Fails to serve as an effective deterrent as most effective cooldowns tend to serve as
- Too much "one-size fits all"-esc around it's main concept

Possible solution
Make Power Yield a passive, that is directly tied to Explosive fuel, Hydralic Override, Kolto Overload, Energy Shield, Vent Heat and Thermal Override with 40% armor rating 3% damage reduction and 2% damage increase, each activation of the corresponding ability instead adds a stack of Power Yield, which actually reflects well off the name of the ability, the more cooldowns you use, the more power you yield
The passive remains activated so long as ONE of the cooldowns are in effective duration, when they run out, power yield and the stacks built as a result, runs out
In correspondence to this, what in turn happens, is with the (6) bonus, while the mentioned abilities are either activated or on their respective cooldown, everytime you take damage, reduces the effective cooldown of the abilities by 3 seconds

For what little justification I can offer to this choice (which you of course DO NOT NEED TO AGREE WITH), what this does is actually blend well with Powertech's actual playstyle, as the class tends to have to use their cooldowns in very close proximity within each other, creating an 'all-in' tendency the class so demands of you
There are many scenarios where you will end up using them all in close proximity of each other, and very rarely will you only need one or two stand-alone, in which case you are most likely in complete control.
Regardless, Power Yield would then accurately reflect how much you would be committing to a certain situation, as the higher you commit, the more cooldowns you would use

This would also make Power Yield more usable in situations than it currently is, as the situation would simply reflect the cooldowns you use. In situations where you would be going all-in, you'd use all your abilities, which then allow the Powertech to ramp up in power while having a slight backbone in damage soaking and the control of it's stacking mechanism without soul draining requirements like... ...dying. Whilst taking damage the mentioned abilities would come up more often, due to the 6 set bonus constantly triggering based on how much damage you take, which would make power yield available, so long as you're activating the corresponding skills as often as they come back off cooldown.

There are probably easier ways to explain this, and even easier ways to come up with a solution of this ability, but this was one... lets say unique one I thought of.
But as it stands, Power Yield by itself is worthless and demands you use it in tandem with other abilities, this change not only encourages that, but creates conflict of counterplay, where players are either forced to deal with you at your strongest, or leave you be, hoping the effect will expire, while you wreak havoc, with a 10% damage tied to a burst class that shouldn't be left alone.
The synergy of this ability with the rest of your kit is self-explanatory, and will add value to increasing duration of Hydraulic Override, gives value to Energy shield duration increase, as well as Thermal's cooldown reduction and the rest of 'em!
Good players will search for ways to keep the stacks up as long as possible, making it a beast when used correctly or with perfected play.

To reflect

Power Yield - Activating Explosive Fuel, Energy Shield, Kolto Overload, Hydraulic Override, Vent Heat & Thermal Override adds a stack of Power Yield granting 40% Armor Rating 3% Damage Reduction and 2% Damage Increase. Once the most recent ability's duration has expired, Power Yield will end

Set Bonus
(2) Increases Mastery
(4) Power Yield has a duration of 5 seconds if not stacked or refreshed before duration ends
(6) While Power Yield is active, abilities that add Power Yield stacks cooldowns are reduced by 3 seconds whenever user takes damage.

No Undying Rage needed...

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08.20.2019 , 09:19 AM | #46
Alright Powertech feedback, better late than never I guess.
warning: large wall of text

Power Yield
As a PT main I can definitely say that this is a welcome addition to the class toolkit and fits very well into the risk-reward style of the other CDs, additionally the strength of the DR gain (for the dps specs at least) helps a lot in giving the class more options for tackling damage in fights. As a baseline I don't have many gripes with the ability other than that due to the nature of how the CD works that it is weaker for the tank specs than the dps specs -- ~15% DR versus ~27% -- so I will be mostly reserving feedback for it's interactions with the sets and tacticals. All-in-all a great ability otherwise.

Set Bonuses
I'll start with the general BH sets then move to the PT specific sets.

Game Plan Set: as far as possible interactions with Kolto Overload this is definitely on the less interesting side of things, the idea works well in theory but unless the damage from the health monitor trigger is extremely hard hitting it will effectively be a nominal damage gain from the set due to the long CD of Kolto Overload. As far as suggested improvements go, if the intention with this set is to interact with the health monitor trigger I would prefer if while health monitor is active you build up stacks which increase the health threshold that kolto heals you to up to some percentage, say 50-60%. This would give some amount of possible planning around potential spike damage in a fight like induction cascade or rage overload.

Hunter Killer Set: no much to give here as far as interesting feedback goes. that being said in the current PTS build there is no visual way to check if the stealth protection is active as there is no buff nor visual around your character to tell if it's active.

Squad Leader Set: as it currently stands the shield is 10% DR for 3s per refresh which while a nice little group buff due to the base CD of energy shield being 2min I could see potentially increasing the DR by 5-10% to make it compete with the sniper shield.

Woads Instinct Set: as far as functionality in raid encounters I have yet to fully test the benefit on fights with significant downtime/lax offensive CD usage, that being said as the only set bonus that directly interacts with heat management I could see buffing this set to include an extra charge of Vent Heat or increase the heat vented by Vent Heat to make it competitive with other sets as far as functionality goes.

Double Time Set: While I personally will not be using this set ever due to the nature of Jet Charge being an inconsistent gap closer I can see the benefit for people who need the extra movement and gap closing ability.

Right Price Set: this is the big one right here so this may be longer. first all in the current build the 4 piece set bonus simply doesn't work, the duration of Power Yield remains 10s regardless of if this set is equipped or not. In regards to the 6 piece it would be nice to understand the combat devs intention with this set, is this set suppose to have an internal CD or not? since as of the current build the CD of Explosive Fuel is reduce by 3s for every single damage intake that is taken regardless of how frequent it occurs while withing Power Yield. This means that on fights like Brontes for example If I am hit by Fire and Forget twice during the burn phase I can effectively reset the CD of Explosive Fuel due to Fire and Forget hitting me 8 times in one activation. This also means that any flurry attack such as Nahut's melee attacks or if another Bounty Hunter hits me with rapid shot the CD will be reduced more than 3s even though only one attack hit me. I have no qualms with the functionality as it stands but it would be nice to know if this is intented functionality or if we should only be able to reduce by 3s once every second.

Strategist Set: overall I like the both the 4 and 6 piece set here, not much to say functionality or power wise as I feel it fits it's purpose very well and I look forward to finding interesting ways to use it.

Veteran Ranger's Set: As this is the obvious dps set bonus I'll be judging it accordingly. starting with the 4 piece the functionality here simply just doesn't work, the buff doesn't last long enough to fit all Shoulder Cannons in regardless of spec and the tool tip is completely unclear as to what "vulnerable" even denotes. I personally know that it increases the damage taken from Shoulder Cannon by 10% but your average player will have zero idea as to what "vulnerable" means. It's obvious that the intention with this set is to increase the damage from Shoulder Cannons be activation, however, coupling that with an ability that is only rotationaly used in 1 of the 3 specs is completely worthless. I would strongly recommend coupling this buff with Explosive Fuel or making the bonus something else like each use of shoulder cannon increases the damage of the next shoulder cannon or shoulder cannon applies a stacking dot to the target to make this set useful. Moving on to the 6 piece, this bonus is even more worthless than the last. ON AVERAGE this 6 piece set bonus is ~50-100 dps for specs that are doing over 17k DPS and it's tied to an RNG factor completely out of the players hands. Obviously in theory the idea of launching additional rockets for your shoulder is cool but functionally this kind of bonus frankly cannot work. I'm not gonna go out and list a dozen of ideas (I already put 2 in the 4 piece section) but off the top of my head you could make Shoulder Cannon deal 100% more damage to enemies under 30% HP or have some kind of interaction with Explosive Fuel that reduces the CD of the ability, simply stated this 6 piece NEEDS to be something tangible that the player can interact with that gives a noticeable damage increase, not an RNG dps increase.

I'll be limiting this section to the tacticals that I feel currently need feedback for as well as only the general and DPS tacticals since I haven't finished testing the Tank tacticals

Flying Fists: currently increases the range of Rocket Punch/Flaming Fist by 10m instead of setting them to 10m so we have 14m punches.

Sonic Heal: the heal is completely pathetic, with full 306 gear it barely heals over 1k and for an ability with a 35-45s CD I cannot see a realistic situation where I would ever equip this tactical.

Energized Blades: I like the tactical as a way to increase the sutstained dps of AP, however, the tooltip should be made more clear that it is a 5% damage increase stacking up to 20% per energy lode. additionally due to how quickly we consume the 4 stacks of energy lode after we gain them I would recommend adding some kind of additional minor damage increase for a short duration after consuming 4 stacks since we do not stay at 4 stacks very long typically.

: the burst increase is definitely a plus here for AP, however, much like the Prototype Armor passive this tactical's second effect is completely useless in any PvE scenario as we never take critical damage. I would highly recommend change that to just damage but have an ICD of 1-3s.

Flame Dissipation: As it currently stands a couple things need to change with this tactical to make it compete with the other pyro tacticals. Firstly the periodic fire damage buff after consuming should either be increased by more than 10% or changed to all fire damage in order to give a noticeable dps increase. Secondly the stacks which reduce the heat cost of searing wave currently cannot be gained while under the effect of the periodic damage increase making it nearly impossible to gain any stacks for one full rotation cycle. Finally as a personal recommendation due to the number of flame bursts that we can feasibly due between every searing wave being around 2-4 every cycle we need to do 3 full rotations to fully benefit from this tactical, one to build the buff, one to consume the buff, and one more during the periodic effect. This means that we rotate between a searing wave that costs 5 heat, then 20 heat, then 8-14 which seems inconsistent with what I assume the intentions is with the tactical -- that we always use searing wave at 5 heat -- as an adjustment I'd recommend change the buff to 5 heat stacking 3 times as this would hit the sweet spot for average flame bursts every cycle and making it so we can gain those stacks while the periodic damage increase is active.
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08.23.2019 , 02:00 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
New Ability Feedback:
Very nicely done Lebu ... I haven't got much more to add but I'll touch on some points here.

Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
The new Ability Power Yield is definitley an step in the right direction. What Powertechs need the most is a new Defensive Cooldown. <<snip>>
My findings:
the ability seems to work as advertised however I got to agree with what Lebu says here. (although please don't add more reflects to this game. In fact, please remove all reflect. Reflects are silly and way too hard to balance when it comes to PvE. /rant)
All in all power yield is a good addition to the PTs toolbox as they really needed another defensive cooldown.

Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
- Right Price: The Power Yield duration is not extended by 5s. Reduction of Explosive Fuel CD when taking damage is working properly.
- Sonic Heal: Heals you and allies around you for only about 1000 hp which is < 0.5% health. So underwhelming that noone will equip this ever. Needs to be at least a 10-20x higher heal to be viable.
- Oil Fire: The mechanics of this Tactical worked but the damage reduction that you gain seems to be wrong. Tooltip says that you gain 2% damage reduction for every target you hit but i only recieved about 0.15% per target.
I got the same results as you (actually oilfire gave me 0,13% for stacks 1,3,5,7 and 0,14% for 2,4,6,8).

Regarding oilfire I need to add in a second bug.
The total amount of stacks that you can have at 1 point are 8 stacks. I get that with 1 attack you can only hit a max of 8 enemies. You can however use the ability twice. Which means the amount of stacks should be 16. Even better idea. Get rid of the cap of 8. There is no way you can exploit this one anyways.
The cd reduction does benefit correctly from hitting 16 enemies by the way.

Sonic heal is a very very very bad tactical like this. like Lebu is saying, 10x / 20x more healing needed.

Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
- Hotswap: Overall a nice Tactical. Finally makes Translocate not completly useless anymore because the swapped player gets 100% dmg reduction. And I dont think thats overpovered because the player needs to be guarded first and then you still have to channel the ability. I could not see if the taunt is working and I didnt see a buff for the benign presence that is placed on you or what it does. Also it is strange that the guard on the swapped player is removed after using Translocate. I think the player should stay guarded.
DR - 50%, not 100%
Not sure how / where you tested. But you only get 50% DR. Not 100%. If I get swapped as a tank I do get very close to 100% DR though. But thats because my DR is already close to 50% as a PT tank.

The taunt - it works
Yes, the taunt works. When I translocate a friendly all adds instantly turn to me and hit me.

benign presence - bugged
Just as Lebu I havent seen anything related to anything hampering my abilities when translocating other people. Not sure what is supposed to happen but nothing happend to me

dropping guard - please fix this bioware!

Alternative ideas:
6 seconds is rather short as a cooldown. Maybe slightly increase the duration and lower the DR gain so it gains even more use. In PvP the 50% DR is bordering to way to strong too. Especially as its also increasing elemental/internal. Swapping someone basically means a 6 seconds godmode.

Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
- Thermal Screen: Heat screen Stacks up to 6 times but when you activate Heat Blast only 3 stacks are consumed and you get the same Absorbtion Buff like before. I think I would be nicer if you can consume all 6 stacks at once for a bigger Absorbtion Buff.
Amen! Currently, you can already click heat blast on cooldown so essentially this tactical only gives a little bit of extra absorption per stack active. Which feels a shame.
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