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PTS 2.0? Soon™?

Banthabreeder's Avatar

08.22.2019 , 02:01 AM | #1
Any news on PTS 2.0? We have basically 4 weeks left before 6.0 is supposed to be released. Assuming it's the last week of September.

Also, any feedback on what we've tested so far would be nice.
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08.22.2019 , 02:47 AM | #2
At this point they should move back 6.0 for a December release or a November one.
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casirabit's Avatar

08.22.2019 , 08:25 AM | #3
Not December. Every time they have released an expansion in December we had to wait till late jan/Feb for any type of update to the bugs and the forums are full of complaining. I would rather them release before December so hopefully we will not have that problem again.
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08.22.2019 , 10:51 AM | #4
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