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Eternal Championship and Star Fortress

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Eternal Championship and Star Fortress

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12.10.2019 , 03:50 PM | #21
True, they really need to adjust Star Fortress and Eternal Championship to be at the property difficulty AT THE LEVEL YOU'RE INTENDED TO BE WHEN YOU START THEM. We ought to be able to progress the story and missions in the proper order.
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12.10.2019 , 06:58 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Kraysk View Post
Just finished another SF run. Lvl 67 with lvl 5 heal comp.
If u cant do this.. well, just dont go into group content ever, make us a favour.
Were you doing normal or heroic? I didn't think a lvl 67 would even be able to land a hit on a lvl 75 mob let alone be able to out damage an Exarch's healing. I usually end up in stalemates on just regular mobs when they are only +5 levels above me.

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12.10.2019 , 10:26 PM | #23
Try to kill the rancor in KotET Chapter 6 at maximum difficulty! And I did, and I'm proud of it. Compared to this rancor, what you're talking about is just stupid. Nothing needs to be changed

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12.11.2019 , 01:53 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
Yeah I donít think itís a problem for level 75s. The problem is that the thing was intended for level 65s. Now, I donít have an issue with it being boosted to 75 per se. I wish it was updated reward-wise to correspond to other level 75 content, but thatís a replay/incentive issue not a completability problem. The problem is that a level 65 would encounter this naturally after completing KOTFE chapter 9, and that level 65 may want to recruit Bowdaar. To gain influence you have to complete rounds. The more rounds you complete in a single session, the more influence you gain with Bowdaar. If you do manage to complete all ten rounds in a single sitting, you will earn enough influence to get Bowdaar from rank 1 to rank 11. However, I have seen multiple reports of people at level 70 trying to do the actual Eternal Championship rounds (not the final steps of the bowdaar recruitment) and encountering the mobs as level 75 and no bolster being present.

It is possible to earn influence more piecemeal by completing a few rounds, handing that in, doing those same rounds, handing those in, etc etc until you reach rank 10. So there is a workaround.

However, I am of the philosophy that the devs should try their best to make sure content remains accessible at the level it was originally designed for. Therefore, there are really only two choices: add a bolster so 65+ can complete it, or level lock it down to 65.

Now, both options have issues. After all, why is it ok to keep bolstering and bolstering TEC to level cap but not ok to do so for OPS and FPS? Why keep bolstering If eventually the level cap is so high that even with bolster 65s canít compete. So that leaves us with level lock down to 65. But, that wonít be as challenging for level cap players in BiS in much the same way that older FPs and OPs are presently.

So, thereís the rub. Personally, I am in favor of a solution that leaves the encounter accessible to the level it was originally intended. But since it wonít be as much of a challenge as originally conceived, it will have to have a major overhaul to its rewards to remain relevant and replayable.
Yeah I agree with your previous post too, I myself was doing this before to get the Rancor and also to get the Rifle from the vendor, cause it was really nice. Sure, its harder now, mainly for lower level toons as you really have to go with mechanics and also deal with the big hits due to level change. So yeah, maybe they should consider all this.
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12.11.2019 , 06:40 AM | #25
Eternal championship is not fully required for the companion. You can go halfway, or even just first phase, then go back to Bowdaar, and get some influence for it. Repeat a few times, and you got the companion.

Story wise the Star Fortresses are kinda optional. I mean once you are the Eternal Emperor you might as well have them dismantled. It's not in the story, but understandable, that they wanted to keep old content playable. Though i would make it into a phase shift system. Basically you could switch phases, and in the last one that quest is no longer there to bother you.

But i agree, that since it's no longer end-game content it should be soloable. Or at least have an optional solo mode like most flashpoints.

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12.11.2019 , 01:25 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by irrevelant View Post
Eternal championship is not fully required for the companion. You can go halfway, or even just first phase, then go back to Bowdaar, and get some influence for it. Repeat a few times, and you got the companion.
That's good to know, and now that you say it, so obvious in hindsight. Thanks for pointing it out.

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12.11.2019 , 01:39 PM | #27
What I get from reading these threads, is that it's no big deal if you're running around with 306 gear. That's great. I'm in 274 gear, I play regularly, and it's been awhile since the update. Unless one makes it a determined effort to grind and gear up, the progression isn't as fast as some have convinced themselves. Which comes back to the fact that 6.0 is crap for casual players. At least these threads are great for feeding my ignore list, which relatively speaking, this is a good one as I've only had to do that once.

I guess part of the difference is that some players finished everything that they want to do years ago, and if they go back to revisit some of the content, it's just that, a revisit to something they are already familiar with. That in of itself makes it easier for someone who is experienced. I'm not even going to try to solo the SF post 6.0. I'm sure I could probably beat it, but not without paying a ton in armor repair not to mention lost time due to repeating fights just to finally slog through it. That doesn't leave me with a sense of accomplishment, rather, I feel like I've wasted my time when I could be doing something else. So yeah, actually, I do plan on leaving the game as a subscriber. I'll continue to play, but it won't be end game anymore.

I'm not saying that there aren't examples of game play pre 6.0 that were too "easy." I hope that this is a two steps forward and one step back sort of thing to find a better balance. Right now, we need to take one step back and fix some of the content that is harder than what I believe was intended. I feel for any newbies trying to tackle Friends of Old (DK heroic) for the first time... for example, as it currently stands, Devs need to relabel it as a heroic 4+ after the 6.0 changes. Sure, it's soloable if you have a full heroic moment bar and a high influence companion, but this is a heroic on a starter planet.

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12.11.2019 , 02:39 PM | #28
This entire thread makes me want to run both hard mode Star Fortresses & Eternal Championship again just to see what all the new the fuss is about. I used to run them both a lot before 6.0 with my lightning sorcerer. With the changes to companion healing I can see how they might need a bit more time & thought to complete them successfully but I'm not sure they will have made anything in them "harder". I will report back.


Eternal Championship:
I could not get past Nocturno and Drake Revan which I used to with no problem. I couldn't get Drake to half health each time I tried. Drake now spawns adds when he is about a 1/4 health down which is a change because he used to spawn them only when he was under half health. I got overwhelmed by his adds, as he spams his stun on top of them but they can only be damaged within melee range (similar to vaylin) or you end up killing yourself. It used to be that you could easily kill the strong add and the others would die, but I couldn't. Fortunately I don't need anything from this anymore so I can ignore it (you need the full thing for conquest but there are so many other easier ways to get 50K conquest points for solo so I can ignore it). I recommend a group if you want to kill Zotar. I used my Sith Inq (lightning) with 295 gear and 50 influence Z0-0M as healer (my self heals were rendered useless in 6.0 so had little to no effect). Something has changed with this boss.

Veteran Star Fortresses:
These are fine; no problems whatsoever. Doable solo with and without the Alliance specialist rep perks and with or without the extra Alliance specialist gadgets you can pick up. Did them with the same Sith Inq as above and Z0-0M again. There is a very minor issue where in the last phase, the first set of mobs no longer drop the dampening field item you need to cross the heat line so you get mildly stunned crossing it. The remainder of the mobs do drop them though. The normal level Star Fortresses are as easy as they always have been.
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12.12.2019 , 01:24 AM | #29
So in the patch notes it says they scaled SF properly and when it comes to EC, well its still doable, so I guess the discussion is over
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12.12.2019 , 08:45 AM | #30
Both of them should just scale to the playerís level, with a difficulty relative to that level that makes them challenging. It shouldnít be THAT hard to just complete one of the companion missions.