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Why is gear still a thing in PvP?

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Why is gear still a thing in PvP?

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11.04.2018 , 07:50 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Raansu View Post
I mean, given how much you complain about gear....You clearly seem to need an excuse.
Youíre either not reading or not comprehending what Iím writing. But thatís okay. Again, we can group up if youíre open to proof of my capabilities that will wildly squash your assumptions. Lemme know.

Quote: Originally Posted by Sundown View Post
I guess what Pearlie (and me at that) want to know: can you name a single reason for gear disparity in PvP?

In PvE you gear up to get to better/tougher bosses. It makes sense, and is predictable. Better players might get to harder bosses earlier (with worse gear), but every player can choose the opponents to face.

In PvP?

I mean: I can live (and have lived) with the way it is implemented. I just don't see the benefit.
Exactly. No benefit, only detriment.

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11.05.2018 , 11:51 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Pearlie View Post
It all comes down to a simple inarguable facts. Gear creates gaps, which diminishes potential for balanced competition. Removing the gear grind/gap would incentivize queuing for warzones.
This is the reason I oppose adding more gear grind to an already stifling/discouraging gear grind especially for those who enjoy PVP on this game more than anything else.

My playstyle already is compromised and i do not play as many alts in PVP now than I used to thanks to having a ton of toons undergeared that simply are not on equal footing with those wearing BiS.

After spending a month gearing my "main" (which is funny I never have mains on games I like to play multiple characters) I then have to spend weeks gimped on a different character PVPing against people who enjoy gear advantages over my lesser geared toon.

After about 3 months, I had 2 characters geared in BiS, and then 2 in a mixture of crap gears and high tier mods etc., it's just so idiotic that I am grinding gears just to get my characters to be equally geared as players I am fighting in the WZs. How does this make sense to anyone, I have no idea.

Gear discrepancies in PVP are not necessary and PVPers do not typically enjoy grinding gears strictly to be equal to enemies wearing BiS gears.

This added gear grind only adds more of what I dislike about the game right now, and so I have dropped my sub.

It's fine. I can't expect my playstyle to be catered to by SWTOR. Sometimes you just have to realize when the ride is going somewhere you have no interest going, and you need to jump off. It's that time for me.
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11.05.2018 , 02:46 PM | #33
One thing about gearing that I'm not opposed with is stat customization. For any hardcore player even a minute advantage of minor stat changes of distributing where stats are placed doesn't unlevel the playing field if everyone is using the same number across the board. In this case, one full set of pvp gear would be acceptable imo. By full set, I mean armoring containing set bonus for a specific role to a specific class of a specific piece; lettered classification mods; full list of enhancements and one rating augjments. If pvp gear was limited to one rating but for example ranked play your armor requires you to use only armoring,mods, enhancements and augments from this specific set, whether crafted or otherwise, establishing that no matter how you customize your character in pvp, it keeps the playing field level.
Is that an acceptable possibility?