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Few ideas I think might be interesting to implement

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Few ideas I think might be interesting to implement

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08.24.2019 , 11:17 PM | #1
Hey there,

I will list below few ideas that might be fun, interesting and maybe add more fun to the gameplay (Mostly for the combat parts of the game, but maybe you'll see something I don't).Feel free to agree/disagree, post ideas on how to improve what's on the list.

Let's Begin!

1. Secondary Weapon Proficiency.
The idea here is to implement a secondary Weapon Proficiency of our choice. I understand that some classes are built around what weapon they use, take Sniper for example..( the name Literally says it all) . Or a Jedi/Sith, also by that I don't mean "Let my marksman use a lightsaber". Let's stick with lightsabers and force tricks for Jedi/Siths, guns/vibroknives for everything else. What I have in mind is, to add few basic abilities that will allow us to use that secondary weapon.
Let's say you're a Republic trooper, but want to use dual (Or single) pistol. So what you get is 4 abilities(these are just examples):
1. Basic blast
2. Stronger blast
3. Channeled single target ranged ability
4. Area channeled ability
Or a Sniper wanting to use vibroknives:
1. Basic slash
2. Stronger slash
3. A stab for example
4. Area slash

For lightsaber users this clould allow them to use some basic force abilities like force throw/lightning, or the channeled counterpart with sligtly different animations so It would look like it's harder for them to perform these skills rather than for the natives etc. but with longer cds and for force users some basic lightsaber (Of your choosing) skills.

I hope you get the idea of how it would work.

Also, I understand the concept of classes, so even tho a force user or a gun user would learn few tricks it wouldn't be as efficient as of the ones that are native users of that weapon, we would get no passives or buffs for these abilities as we progress.

2.New replacable abilities.
I'm sure many of you have these abilities in your quickbar you'd love to replace for something else, either for a possibly new rotation, or just you don't feel like these abilities fit your toon. Solution? Let us change the standard class abilities we get for something similiar yet different. For example, as a Jedi Sage, I don't really need, let alone use the healing abilities, since I'm playing my toon as a DPS. I'd love If I could replace them with some other cool force abilities (Force Lightning for jedi and maybe telekinetic abilities for sorcerer).

3. Ability visual customization
An option to change the way some of your abilities look, I don't mean the entire animation. But just what happens after the ability is executed. Example: Telekinetic is all about throwing force balls at your enemy. What if we could change the the way some abilities look like telekinetic throw, instead of sending a projectile, the target would erupt with force. The casting animation would remain the same but without the projectile animation. Or a bounty hunter fireing a energy canon-like blasts instead of rockets.

If you have any questions please ask them, I'm not the best person if it comes to explaining things, so If anything comes to your mind feel free to share.