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Accessibility Suggestions

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.24.2021 , 03:45 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Xertal View Post
I am not so sure if I should post this here, but anyway, I have two suggestions (please, notify my in case I have to post this elsewhere so someone in charge can read them):
This thread is for people with physical disabilities to post their needs in. Not for people's wishlists.

For on-topicness, I could do with the captions being a bit slower in some places, because there are times when they go by so fast, I need to go into system messages to see what the heck was just said. (Given this is most noticeable when there's alien-speak going on, this is an issue for hearing people as well.)
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01.24.2021 , 05:32 PM | #72
This is probably minor, but would be helpful for the hearing impaired who can't use voice comms but still like to do harder content than story mode:

Let us have a setting that enables target of focus target.

Currently we can have target of target enabled, but there is no way to see who our focus target is targeting.

When I am healing I usually focus target the boss to keep an eye on their health and cast bar, and being able to also see who the boss (my focus target) is targetting would save me a lot of 'catch up' time when the boss targets anyone besides the main tank.
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01.24.2021 , 07:07 PM | #73
I robbed this from another post

Quote: Originally Posted by Erevan_Kindelar View Post
When you send out a companion on a Crew Skill mission, they go off, do their thing, and come back up a short while later and you receive the reward for mission completion when you click the "Accept" button on the Mission Results pop-up.
If you want them to go back out on another Crew Skill mission, you go to the Crew Skills menu, select the relevant tier of missions if it is not the max tier you currently have access to, and sscroll through the list of missions to find the one you are looking for, then send them off on the mission.

What I would like to see is an option on the Mission Results pop-up to send the companion out again to repeat the same mission they have just returned from. When grinding Crew Skill missions (whether for Companion Influence, Dark or Light points, collecting Companion Gifts, grinding Crew Skill mission levels, or whatever else) it would save a little time and a few clicks, especially when you have 5 or 6 companions out doing various missions.
A return option like this would help greatly for people with hand issues. As an arthritis suffer , I've noticed as it progresses that certain things get harder, I don't send out my minions as much as I used to, as often repeating the steps over and over, cause strain on my hands, a button I could just hit, to send them back out would reduce that.
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01.24.2021 , 09:45 PM | #74
Quote: Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
Hi all,

Just like the title suggests, we would love to hear your suggestions for accessibility. I know that some threads already exist such as this one from Sewolf ( and I will be adding them here as I find them. Additionally, if y'all see any others, feel free to link them here or add your own suggestions below.

We cannot guarantee that every suggestion is going to be implemented, but we do want to hear about what can improve the game in terms of accessibility.
Is this just rhetoric without any real meaning? A thread was just not just closed but deleted with some constructive ideas for conquest in a very reasonable fashion.
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01.24.2021 , 10:18 PM | #75
Quote: Originally Posted by harmonichonda View Post
Is this just rhetoric without any real meaning? .
Jackie has been consistent in her approach to the game, and improving it, so I'm being optimistic about this thread,
as for the other thread, don't bring it in here, as it's off topic of this thread, and liable to derail it.
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Yesterday , 05:06 PM | #76
Controller support would do some good. Granted, emulation programs such as xpadder solves the need for a controller, but some people have difficulty setting them up. Another thing that might help, is to implement voice commands, and allow people to assign voice commands to certain functions and keybinds. For example, say a person wants to Jump or use the ability assigned to the 3 key, they could simple say " jump" or "three" to activate those actions.