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Are you playing ONLY because it is Star Wars?

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Are you playing ONLY because it is Star Wars?

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03.04.2021 , 04:20 PM | #41
I built a computer in 2013. Spent 2014 experimenting with various MMOs and as a result, discovered SWTOR early that year. Played others on and off throughout the years since then, but it was SWTOR I decided to main and thus SWTOR I decided to stick with. I am a fan of Star Wars, but also many other things, so it wasn't because SWTOR is Star Wars that drew me in, though that may have been a part of it.

As a matter of fact, SWTOR got me back into Star Wars--I was dealing with so much beforehand, that I felt like I had just crawled out from under a rock. I didn't even know who Revan was before SWTOR, for example. If only real life didn't get in the way, I would have been geeking out years prior. Heck, I remember enthusiastically following the development of the KOTOR games and Star Wars Galaxies, but never actually getting around to playing them (except the Beta for the latter.)

The atmosphere, aesthetic, music, storytelling, voice acting, customization, crafting, gearing, leveling, the freedom to be whoever you wanted with so many unique classes and class stories and multiple dialogue options with varying outcomes, were most of what drew me in. Pretty much everything really. It just felt so fun and looked so cool. My characters were brought to life more than any other MMORPG could manage, which drew me into the world and made it seem so real.

To me, SWTOR has lost a lot of its charm since then; a lot of what I liked about it isn't the same. While I no longer play SWTOR as often, I am certain I'll drop by every now and then, like I have done so just recently for example. And I'll continue to stalk the forums and reddit too. Other games may have my interest for the time being, but SWTOR will always be number one. It still feels like a second life, albeit with long periods of carbon-freezing between tiny story chunks.

2014 feels like yesterday, but I feel like SWTOR has been with me my whole life. It's hard to remember what life was like before I played this game for it took me like a storm.
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03.04.2021 , 09:29 PM | #42
Correct, it sure as heck not the combat or class design. This skill bloat is so bad.

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03.05.2021 , 07:14 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by ForfiniteStories View Post
2014 feels like yesterday, but I feel like SWTOR has been with me my whole life. It's hard to remember what life was like before I played this game for it took me like a storm.
2014 does feel like yesterday, but so does 1975. With probably a bit more life on me, I can easily remember a time before Swtor. Gemstone III by Simutronics, was playing that in the 80's. My first "MMO" even though it was completely text-based, but it felt truly populated, with lots of players interacting, even factions of players building up beyond the game's self-hosted "guilds" like Circle of Light (the evil crowd) and the Pauper's Guild (wealth beyond imagination inside its doors).

My first graphical-based MMO that I played was Everquest 1, bought the game in 1999 and quickly learned what a graphics card was. Bought the game, brought it home, and the installation program said I lacked a graphics card, so I went back to the store, bought one, but it was PCI-based, and I had an AGP slot, so another lesson learned, so another trip to the store. Bought an AGP card, and was soon off an playing. I died on my first character from starving to death because I fell into a pool of water in Paineel, didn't know how to get out, and had no idea how to flag down players running past me to ask for help.
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03.05.2021 , 09:57 AM | #44
swtor has lightsaber warrior types that were relevant/useful in pvp. Wow warrior-types were in a bad place in 2011/2012 and heal/cc-spam was off the charts, so I dived into the pvp here until recently (6.0). It's funny because I disagree with just about every design choice this game has made (trinity, classes copying Wow, cc-spam almost as bad as Wow, Wow-invisibility, companions, no flying mounts, no ship command, planets with small, mostly empty zones, bad engine for crowds, clunky movement on slow mounts, etc) but I still like the game for "lightsabers". I've played all the other classes to at least 300 command ranks each and 100 renown each but none make any "sense" to me, I wouldn't play this game for them. The stories are nice but I was done with the stories in 2012 and everything since then has been very short. I'm looking at other games lately because, more and more, the lightsaber warrior types are just a dumb choice from a gameplay/pvp perspective.

First 'MMO' for me was the turn-based Neverwinter Knights on AOL. Then played Gemstone, then Dragonrealms, then a long list of other games with one foot in the door of several at any given time. I was focused on pvp in my graphics games. Except for City of Heroes which had no pvp at launch but it was awesome anyways because flying/jumping/superspeed/costumes and later housing - all much more fun than similar offerings in most other games before or since.