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SWTOR Story Summary

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01.23.2020 , 08:50 PM | #1
Tried to engage myself and found I don't actually wanna play or sit through 20 hours of let's plays and I've found the relevant wiki pages to be lacking.

Is there anywhere online I can find solid wikipedia plot style entry for the class and expansion stories?

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03.29.2020 , 11:15 AM | #2
Unfortunately it would take way too long or take up way too much space to describe everything from beginning to end. Especially when each class story takes place in different settings and don't necessarily link with each other all too well. However, once you reach the expansions the story remains the same for all characters. If you don't feel like playing through too much, I suggest you start with the Zakuul expansions. However, you can always blast through the class stories by purchasing a Master's datacron from the cartel market. This will automatically boost your character to level 70 and would allow you to get through the class story without doing any of the side quests or flashpoints. I do highly recommend playing through at least one of the class stories, as they present a lot of structure to the expansions based off your choices.
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03.29.2020 , 03:44 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by CaudleJ View Post
Tried to engage myself and found I don't actually wanna play or sit through 20 hours of let's plays and I've found the relevant wiki pages to be lacking.

Is there anywhere online I can find solid wikipedia plot style entry for the class and expansion stories?
Hmmm, like mention before it would be to long as the story is shape quite a bit by your actions...
For example the Inquisitor have 3 possible Darth Tittle:

Darth Imperius-Is a rare aligned Light Side Sith, brilliant and gifted Anti-Hero that wants to change the Empire to be Benevolent, having impressive martial prowess, commanding mastery both strong in the Light and Dark Side advance abilities...and Immune to the Dark Side corruption hinted by his strong will, intellect and Mind... (I speculate he uses some type of advance Form VII Vaapad using his mind as a superconducting loop for the Force itself thus allowing him to use both the Ligh and Dark with no side effects)

Darth Occlus-Is a aligned Neutral Sith with an unscrupulous reputation of getting this done not matter the cost, as he sees opportunity were others see Danger. Brilliant strategist and a genius in martial prowess... Invisible even to force users due to his ability to stay hidden even to the Force itself.

Darth Nox-Is fully aliened with Dark Side a wise Villain whose goal is to unravel and commanding the Force its self to do her bedding. She is probably the strongest of all the Inquisitors incarnations, when it comes to the Force> Everything to her its a means to thirst her hunger for knowledge and ultimate power. A while waaay back I even read that she achieve Immortality basically becoming a living force ghost/entity of the Dark Side, being able to materialize at will even after a certain death and even preventing others from dying to server her purposes.

So as you can see its a LOT! Add other elements like being an Alien race and affected by your choice and alignment even though they have basically the same story changes and alters the story in small but impact full ways.
This also goes to the other classes...

BUT if you just want to see the story you might see them in You Tube as people constantly record their own personal Star Wars Saga with their own Characters.
Either that or wait for SWTOR team to make accessible scripts with all the story and dialog if it ever becomes a sellable piece, though I imagine it be a bible huge and if they add the art and concept it probably be a couple of volumes! (This is a joke I'm pretty sure this will never be release to public)

But if you want a place to just read, recently I been using this place:

As this wiki seems to actually update not only Star Wars Characters but also other hero and Villains form different franchises... I spend hours reading and jumping from Star Wars to other game Characters!
However being a wiki you have to take everything with a grain of salt... But for what I seen its pretty accurate with the game so far and it summarize a LOT to give you a good sense of the Protagonist story, achievements and personality.

Hope it helps.

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03.30.2020 , 12:51 AM | #4
Tsk. Darth Imperius, Darth Occlus, or Darth Nox.

But the basic premise, that there are too many variations, not to mention the differences based on whether your character is male or female, whether he or she goes dark or light (outside of the Tale of Three Darths), and so on, if sound. OP, really, just play and you'll experience *your* version of everything that's in those videos and *your* version of everything that's in the plot summaries.
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