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Where dreams die - defeat purifier droids

Protoaloe's Avatar

09.19.2019 , 02:34 AM | #1
I have now done this quest over and over and no success and basically am stuck.
I have played ten chars through this section without problem. Now since I have not much to do, I decided to use the free updated char option and I made a new char and am at this spot where the Purifier droids never get defeated.

Surely this must be a bug. I have been fighting all these purifier droids for hours on end, died more often than I can count, and die and die and die. I can get the whole group to kill first lot and then run down to the other area and hide, and kill off whatever comes. But then going back they all come running again and he killing starts again.

This is so very frustrating. To be stuck on such a stupid part.
On forum and net not much news/anything about it all is 2017 time. Please help. Maybe I need to lodge ticket, looks like a bug n (Oh by the way I am in Story difficulty)

Sundown's Avatar

09.19.2019 , 04:21 AM | #2
EDIT: nevermind - you seem to have tried what I suggested. Might be a bug, I will give it a shot tonight.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

09.19.2019 , 05:49 AM | #3
If I'm reading this right, you're inside the big room with the hexagonal columns in the floor and the big Technothingy in the middle, with the droids that appear on three sides.

It can, indeed, be a little stressful, but without knowing various things about your character, there's not much we can do to help:
* Which class and discipline?
* What level?
* Influence rank for Vette? (Remember that for an Outlander token character, she starts at Influence rank 1.)
* What is your "Item Rating" shown top-left in the Character panel?

I did this a few days ago on a level 70 Marksmanship Sniper whose command rank is in the mid-70s, and who has full 230 gear. Vette got a bit stressed about her Health, but it was actually one of the least difficult versions of this fight I've had. For Sniper, it's best to stand on the upper level between the Technothingy and the front door because you have the range to cover all three doors without moving much.
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tuulem's Avatar

09.21.2019 , 04:58 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Protoaloe View Post
I can get the whole group to kill first lot and then run down to the other area and hide, and kill off whatever comes. But then going back they all come running again and he killing starts again.
If I understand you correctly, you are killing some of the droids at the main entrance to the technolith room, then running out of the room to the passageway on the far side of the courtyard to try to group up the rest of them and kill them as they reach you.

It that's the case, it could be that you are running too far into the corridor/passageway and resetting the encounter*. This causes all the droids to respawn and reset to their starting positions, which in turn could make you feel like that the spawns are never ending.

*This happened to me loads of times when I was working on that chapter in master mode.

SgtOutKast's Avatar

10.23.2020 , 01:33 AM | #5
Sentinel 70 here, Vette is about a rank 10, and my gear is about rating 200. I have the difficulty set to story mode, I've used all my abilities, including heroic moment and the light side companion legacy buff, but all that happens is I keep dying. The other NPC toons with me do jack all while Vette and I fight, and it doesnt seem to matter how I deploy her. at this point, I just want done with this story so I can have my companions back, where do I get off this ride? and if I can't, how do I finish this area?

Henyk's Avatar

10.23.2020 , 08:05 AM | #6
I can suggest only one one solution (proofed on 5.x patch Master Mode run by TK sage ) :
1) escape from room to inclined ramp and _never_ leave it on the flat grounds
2) in this case rest of your companions takes position appr. in middle of ramp and "steal" most of aggro
3) switch Vette off on position appr 20-25 m (stay on ramp!) behind comps backs then leap and switch her on just after
4) when you lost too many HP return on that starting position with force camouflage and let Vette do some heal while Lana, Theron and others keep aggro
5) you practically win when you'll see single big droid with no adds (and no more purifier's spawn from this moment) so just burn him now to victory

viernedeuxieme's Avatar

10.29.2020 , 08:25 AM | #7
Are you playing sentinel/mara? This video might help you. It's a little old but was done on a level 70 watchman sentinel with ilevel 237 (no augments) and an influence 1 Vette. Basically it's to keep her on that podium and stay within range most times, try to keep the others off her so she can heal you. No hiding needed.