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PT/VG DPS is unplayable in Solo Ranked

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PT/VG DPS is unplayable in Solo Ranked

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07.29.2018 , 09:39 AM | #1
After nerfing the class for last few years BW just made the class unplayable in SR. I tried both AP and Pyro but the first one has no use anymore since the passive AoE and Stun DR were removed. It only makes sense to play Pyro with Kolto/Adrenalive so you get DR while you are on low health. But even that doesn't even give much since damn level 70 Kolto/Adrenaline doesn't really heal. Its capped by 35% percent and has 1k heal ticks. Enemies simply tunnel you through it. Not to even mention that in every match people focus PT/VG DPS because they know its squishy. So if I want to enjoy playing PT/VG in SR I need to play tank spec which was nerfed as well.

I understand that its impossible to ask that much for the class which is that simple to play but it would be cool to get AoE&Stun DR, Electro/Pyro shield CD decrease whenever you take damage and buff level 70 Kolto/Adrenaline + remove its health cap so it DOES HEALS. Thanks.
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07.29.2018 , 11:41 AM | #2
PT/VG need Trauma Regulators, Kolto Overload and Responsive Safe Guards. Then all is good.
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08.15.2018 , 02:24 AM | #3
Giving 2 dcd's wont help much. The entire point of p/vg was to kite your opponent. WIth 10m range its next to impossible, since our utilities are broken(there is a huge slower on mag shot, but, in order to take, it you have to sacrifice either HO or stun brake on adrenaline)., as well as the fact, that since 3.0 most classes got multiple abilities to increase movement speed. The real solution is to give back at least 20m range back.

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08.17.2018 , 07:38 AM | #4
But when mercs get globalled despite having 2 knockbacks a 8 sec mes and steals hold the line. and gets a leap away
Let's give them more survivabilty. KAPPA