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Letīs be honest. SWTOR is pretty solid MMO arround.

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Letīs be honest. SWTOR is pretty solid MMO arround.

Fallensouls's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 05:26 PM | #271
I think this is a fun game, but, the world pvp needs to be fixed so we get valor for any pvp kills on any planet, warzones are ok but they are pretty boring after the 50th time.


2- THE SHARDS NEED TO GO so the game doesnt feel so deserted. Bioware fix this so servers dont feel empty.

3-Dual spec needs to be added for healers and tanks especially, so we can switch from raid mode to pvp mode.

4-They need open space pvp and pve like we had on SWG.

5-They need some kind of barber shop so if we get bored with how our character looks we can change it.

ALOT needs to be done for this game to be considered one of the best MMO's. Dont get me wrong out of all of the MMO's out there this has the most potential but Bioware is fixing all the wrong issues first. World PVP is a huge one that has yet to be fixed.
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