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Ideas on how to Fix PvP and bring the fun back!

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Ideas on how to Fix PvP and bring the fun back!

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08.14.2012 , 09:21 AM | #21
A few thoughts:

1. They have mentioned Ranked Solo Queue is coming along with cross server queuing. I for one cant wait for solo queue and think it will be one of the best things that will have ever happened to PvP in this game. I dont, however, agree with removing eight man - there is no reason to do so. With cross server it will be a lot better and its a totally different type of game play.

2. Choosing which warzone to play, yep would be nice. But as Devs have mentioned cross server is a must for this to work.

3. I like your ideas of different objectives but I feel like this might limit team play. If as an imperial agent I know when I enter a huttball I need to score 5 times, I am not going to focus on winning the game and playing as a team I am going to try and get the ball and walk across the map to score. Could be a bad thing as well as a good idea. Would be tricky to implement correctly but I could see some uses for it.

4. The bag system was horrible, sorry. Getting a random peice of gear was completely pointless - I got the same peice of gear over and over. Even if you are still getting comms, I dont really see the point of adding the bags back in.

5. I dont have a problem with adding vendors back in. They said they were removed because people were joining warzones just to repair while in the field. Simple fix: dont allow repairing at those droids?? Not sure why they didnt just do that instead of completely removing them, but W/E. Its annoying to have to go to the fleet just to buy some medpacks when I am in the middle of doing Dailies.

6. The rest of your post sounds like a redesign of Ilum basically, which I am totally for and they are working on. Who knows when we will see it though.
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08.14.2012 , 10:24 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Elboc View Post
A few thoughts:

1. They have mentioned Ranked Solo Queue is coming along with cross server queuing.
They seem to have gone back on that. It is, at present, stated NOWHERE OFFICIALLY that solo queue nor cross server is coming :-/

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08.14.2012 , 12:55 PM | #23

my idea for fixing PvP and making it fun:

1. Normalize Gear (for instance set fix values for base stats, expertise). Imagine if we all would be in Recruit gear and the progression would be about looks not stats (valor rank would enable you to buy new looks, similar to how social gear works). The gear would be without stat, only empty armoring/mod sockets.
2. Frequent Class Balancing
3. Cross Server ranked warzone queues.

This way skill and not gear would decide. No more joining a warzone with a fresh 50 and be killed in few seconds.

What do you think?