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Rotation for the IO Merc 5.8 (Scaeva)

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Commando / Mercenary
Rotation for the IO Merc 5.8 (Scaeva)

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04.02.2018 , 12:41 AM | #1
Rotation for the IO Merc


Scaeva, Darth Malgus

Edit 1: Republic version added

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04.02.2018 , 12:42 AM | #2
I think I should add some more information.

1.) Unload
There is a 15 second timer for Unload. Latencies delay the 9 GCDs, as consequence the cooldown of Unload ends exactly in time. I do not actively delay any attack or wait 1 GCD until Unload becomes available.

In this rotation Unload is NOT used to reset the Mag Shot as it would cause timing problems. If the latencies did not add up please repeat a Powershot at positions #2 or #6.

2.) Latencies
Hardware has an impact on latencies.
I use a Ryzen 1700 with enough RAM and a GTX 1060 Graphic Card. My Ping is usually somewhere between 70 and 80ms. Despite my system it relatively fast, the occouring latencies are big enough to reduce the duration of the rotation from 10 to 9 GCDs.
Reducing the graphics setting from "Ultra" to lowest does not affect the rotation.

Many players will have a similar or weaker PC, the rotation should work on those systems too.

3.) Failed Procs
Let us assume there are no latencies and all attacks hit instantly. Even under those (unrealistic) conditions it would make sense to use a rotation of 9 GCDs with a duration of 13.5 seconds:

In each real fight there are additional unplanned attacks, deviations from a rotation. Something like:
- an Explosive Dart or a Fusion Missile to spread your dots to several enemies
- an Electronet to prevent a Marauder from jumping
- rocket out of a red circle
- stuns

In my 9 GCD rotation there is a chance that an additional attack contributes to the timer of the Particle Accelerator. The duration will grow to the 10 GCDs that are required to trigger the Mag Shot. If I had used a rotation with a default lenght of 10 GCDs I would end up at 11 GCDs.

Without additional attacks (and zero latencies) the reset of a Mag Shot will always fail, in this case I have to repeat a Powershot. The duration would grow from 9 to 10 GCDs, but this is what other people use in their rotations anyway.

In reality there are delays caused by latencies and the distance to the enemy plays a role, in raids and pvp matches I don't need to rely on additional attacks to trigger my 2 Mag Shots within 15 seconds.
The rotation is built on latencies, not on additional attacks.

4.) Permutations
Most players will begin their rotations with the 2 dots. My rotation can easily be changed into this by swapping Incendiary Missile and Serrated Shot (#4 and #5) with Thermal Sensor Override and Unload (#7 and #8). The modified rotation is started from position #7.

I do not use that variant, there are several reasons:
- The 2 dots take 15 seconds until they deal their entire damage
- Incendiary Missile (also the Thermal Detonator) does not trigger the burning cylinder, Serrated Shot has only a 30% chance for the proc (Mag Shot: 100%)
- A death blow can occour at any position, the end of the rotation varies. As the 2 Mag Shots are grouped at the beginning, there is a higher chance that they fall into incomplete rotations
- There are several other classes that can trigger the same damage buffs as the IO Merc with his 2 dots. In my opinion the advantages of having the 2 Mag Shots at the beginning justify the short delay those 2 buffs.

Scaeva, Darth Malgus

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04.02.2018 , 05:52 AM | #3
Mag Shot can be reset every 7.5s. A rotation of 9 GCDs lasts 9*1.5s = 13.5s (assuming 0 alacrity). I cannot imagine how it is possible to fit the proc twice per circle.
You said "..., latencies will normally fill the gap for procs of the Innovative Particle Accelerator". Does that mean you calculate with a loss of 1,5s between the procs? That sounds like huge latency or simply a not optimal APM. This would also explain, why you don't need Rapid Shots to deal with overheating.
And final: The Thermal Detonator is not broken the way you describe it. It does not explode instantly, only if you use Mag Shot or Power Shot, while TD is active on the target. The only broken thing is, that the additional burn effect is applied regardless of how the TD explodes. But that's rather an advantage.

Edit: spelling

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04.02.2018 , 10:37 AM | #4
Common misconception is all that it looks like. You can't think of the proc as "oh every 7.5 seconds and it happens twice so 15 seconds". It instead happens as the first proc is at time 0, and the 2nd proc is at 7.5. Just like if a fight lasted 10 minutes and raidwides are used at the start, if a raidwide has a 5 minute Cd it can be used 3 times not 2. At times 0:00, 5:00, and 10:00.

As for rotation I don't see that working. Especially since there is no taking advantage of a precast, or your first mag shot's "vent 5 heat on a burning target", and while DFA can be used in place of unload, in terms of rotation it doesn't proc mag shot so it just lengthens the rotation already letting dots fall off on top of the late application and time already mid combat it's been placed in rotation.

Still think the current rotation variants work:
Opener: Serrated, incendiary, mag shot, unload, supercharge electro-net, Thermal Det, Mag, Power, Mag.
And either followed by Variant 1 or 2 (usually by preference)
Variant 1: incendiary, serrated, rapid, unload, rapid, Thermal Det, Mag, Power, Mag.
Variant 2: incendiary, serrated, power, rapid, mag, unload, Thermal Det(rapid), Power, Mag

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04.02.2018 , 03:10 PM | #5
What did I just read.

Niman, Tomb of Freedon Nadd, The Red Eclipse, Darth Malgus

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04.02.2018 , 04:39 PM | #6
I'm not sure why you say you're using 9 GCDs. You're using 9 abilities, one of which is a two GCD channel (Unload) so you're using exactly 10 GCDs.

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04.02.2018 , 04:51 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by AdjeYo View Post
I'm not sure why you say you're using 9 GCDs. You're using 9 abilities, one of which is a two GCD channel (Unload) so you're using exactly 10 GCDs.
Thermal Sensor Override is off GCD.

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04.02.2018 , 05:36 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by CMoray View Post
Thermal Sensor Override is off GCD.
Heh, responded a bit too quick, missed that. So this rotation makes zero sense really, losing 1 GCD every 9 GCD is an incredibly low APM. No wonder he sees no need for using rapid shots if you're just dropping a GCD instead.

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04.03.2018 , 09:41 AM | #9
Wow. Hope no one sees this and takes it seriously. If you want an IO guide go look elsewhere (cabro/nabcobra did a good guide on these forums for example).
Nemio the Acceptable Player

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04.04.2018 , 01:49 AM | #10
Latencies are always there, no matter if you use a rotation of 9 or 10 GCDs. They cannot be avoided or actively influenced.

In PVP matches and raids the 9 GCDs of attacks plus those latencies allow to activate the Innovative Particle Accelerator very reliably, there is no need for an additional 10th attack. As a side effect he energy management is not a big issue.

A rotation of 10 GCDs does NOT last exactly 15 seconds (with an alacrity=0), the delay from latencies will usually add more than 1.5 seconds per iteration.
The 11 GCDs (=10 GCDs from attacks + latencies) will delay the Innovative Particle Accelerator (-> this causes energy problems). The additional 10th attack is in most cases a weak Quickshot (that also increases your heat level) or a Rapid Shot.
This is not what I want.

There may be gamers out there who think that latencies are neglectable and nonsense, but for this and some other classes its simply not correct. I recommend to have a look at your own latencies:
Run your 10 GCD rotation, the duration of one iteration is supposed to be 15 seconds (alacrity=0). The burning effect of the Incendiary Missile also lasts 15 seconds, in theory that dot should be refreshed immediately after its end.
In reality there is a gap between the end of the dot and the next Incendiary Missile.
That gap represents your personal latencies, the deviation from the optimal 15s timer.
(In Starparse activate the marker of the burning effect of Incendiary Missile, option group effects)

That gap is much smaller if only 9 attacks are used instead of 10.