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Glee Anselm circa SWTOR 6.0

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Glee Anselm circa SWTOR 6.0

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11.17.2019 , 11:03 PM | #1
Do we know anything about Glee Anselm during the ingame present day? I know there was a time when the Anselmi surface dwellers had an empire on the lone contentinent, which eventually sank. Is this around that time? I want to start writing some background stories for my new Nautolan character for RP purposes but I havenít found much about the state of things on Glee Anselm during this time period. Is it a member of the Republic even? Letís use this thread to gather what we collectively know/speculate and maybe we can come to an RP consensus as a community.
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11.19.2019 , 10:48 AM | #2
We know it was possibly one of the planets Arcann bombarded it to try and get the Alliance out of hiding during Knights of the Fallen Empire, since we get a Nautolan who joins the Order of Zildrog if you allow Arcann to join the Alliance. I forgot her name but she was looking for revenge and she mentions how her homerworld was bombarded and they barely had time to escape because of Arcann and how she is bitter about the fact he now sits in the Alliance as the Commander's friends, of course she could be from elsewhere but I feel like it was a possible hint there.
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