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Confused by companions in KotFE/KotET

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Confused by companions in KotFE/KotET

Mashugana's Avatar

09.15.2017 , 12:58 PM | #1
Are there side missions I can do to get extra companions? I've seen people running around with companions I did not know where available. Do you get them by running old star fortress or alliance alerts? Is there some terminal to call companions back?

I know the story companions are locked to the story - I am talking about the companions I use for crafting, running heroics, etc


Rebamcfan's Avatar

09.15.2017 , 01:28 PM | #2
You can get your class story companions back via companion locator terminal, located in Odessen at the underground command room, in commander's quarters.
You'll be able to get the special companions (Star Fortress, other classes companions) by completing their recruitment mission, which will require you to do task/s for them, after which they will join to you. You also have option to kill some companions in their recruitment mission, such as Broonmark, Skadge etc. but you won't be able to get them back afterwards on the character that you've killed them, you'll need to do his/hers Alliance alert again to recruit the companion.
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Mashugana's Avatar

09.15.2017 , 01:38 PM | #3
Thank you. So I guess I should read up on Star Fortress and Alliance missions and run the ones that give the companions I like, yes?

JediQuaker's Avatar

09.16.2017 , 08:48 AM | #4
If I recall, some of the Alliance Alerts pop-up after you do a quest called something about a "huntsman"** that starts by going to your ship through the dock on Odessen (which gets you Yuun). The Star Fortress chain starts by picking up a quest from a NPC in the north end of your Alliance base on the way to Admiral Wassisname. Or both... or whatever....

** Edit - "To Find a Findsman"

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