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Someone who has been looking for a "quest oriented" RPG game.... playing this is fun!

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Someone who has been looking for a "quest oriented" RPG game.... playing this is fun!

irnhidee's Avatar

09.13.2017 , 09:07 PM | #1
Mind you I'm playing it like KOTOR 3 single player... but still loving it!

Suggest anyone who just loves doing quests solo to pass some time try this game. Its great/.

Jerqa's Avatar

09.14.2017 , 08:16 AM | #2
Welcome to the game! I'm glad you are having fun playing SWTOR

That's one of the nice things about this game is you can pretty much play through it solo if you want to.
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irnhidee's Avatar

09.14.2017 , 09:23 AM | #3
I bought the digital standard of the game (one month sub) because it was suggested to me for new players.

I"m curious if its worth it to keep re-subing?

What are the major benefits (not cosmetic) that you get from paying for month fee's vs f2p.

If someone could post the top say 5-7 things for subbing that would be good to think about.


Mubrak's Avatar

09.15.2017 , 12:24 AM | #4
Some of the most important differences that can't be bypassed via unlocks from the cartel market:

Restrictions for preferred (ex-subs):
- Max 350k credits. The rest is kept in an "escrow account" until you sub again.
- Only 8 "active" chars per server (max 26 with unlocks), can't play the inactive chars until you resub. (Subs: 14-52)
- Can send only 1 item per mail and no credits.
- Max 3 companions on crewskill tasks, each can craft only 1 item at a time. (Subs: 8 x 5)
- Needs to be grouped with a sub to do uprisings or more than 5 regular warzones per week.

Sub-only features:
- Access to new story content and max level (but you keep access to everything you had when your sub ran out)
- Access to operations and ranked PVP.
- Access to endgame gearing / CXP.
- Writing in the forums and opening tickets.
- Get 500-600 cartel coins per month depending on sub-mode, can get extra coins from the referal link program.

There once was an official page that listed the differences but it was never updated for 4.0.
This covers it all, though:
Tune down reflections to pre 5.5 values!
Move inventory tabs back to the bottom!

Vercundus's Avatar

09.15.2017 , 02:01 AM | #5
It is simple, when your sub runs out play the game and see if you miss anything. If so, can it be mitigated with unlocks. If not, sub.