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*HELP* can not log into Darth Malgus

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*HELP* can not log into Darth Malgus

skullybum's Avatar

03.06.2021 , 11:01 AM | #1

So I was last online on Tuesday after I downloaded the update then I was about to go offline but noticed I just got kicked out and sent to the server screen but as I was logging off I didnt think much of it, I go to log on today and very same message pops up, it loads for about 5minutes then goes to server select and has the message 'Your characters on this server are unavailable due to maintenance, Please try again later' but when I go on Satele Shan server it works just fine but all my characters and friends are on DM.

I'm not sure why its happened but please tell me someone has had this, I've already submitted a ticket and uninstalled then reinstalled the game and its still the same I've just resubbed after 2 years too!

Here is a link to the screen shot: -