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Armor value and rating on orange gear?

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Armor value and rating on orange gear?
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02.03.2012 , 02:46 PM | #51
Looking at the gear databases for custom gear, the gear rating appears to be assigned through a lookup table. The gear listed is already loaded with the mod, so the assigned gear rating from inserting an armor mod may be different than the rating on this gear. You may find the gear rating change if you extract the mod and then put it back again. I haven't tried this yet but I'm very curious to see what would happen, especially with pieces that have the exact same mods but have different ratings. Probably a mistake in the gear database or an oversite by the game designer.

But generally, the gear rating appears to be about 2.3 times the mod level after level 40. The low ratings start out at 3.5 times the mod level (a armor mod 8 -> rating 28) . The formula (if there really is one) is probably 2*mod level + some constant. But there's alot of contradictions looking at all the gear so some game designer probably tweaked the ratings to make the lower level gear better.

Someone will probably have to experiment with all the armor mods to see what the real rating assignments are. Using the pre-loaded gear, here's some numbers:

mod level --> rating
51 --> 118 (a blue X Armoring 23)
50 --> 116
49 --> 114
48 --> 110
46 --> 108
45 --> 106/4
43 --> 102
42 --> 100/2
41 --> 98/6
30 --> 76
24 --> 62
11 --> 34
8 --> 28 (blue X Armoring 1)

And these are a mix of greens and blues. Most likely a purple armoring mod will assign a higher rating and a green will assign a lower rating. And the actual armor value is based on the slot type and armor type, like a heavy chest is about 6 times the rating. I wish I had a cybertech (or whatever skill makes armor mods) so I could experiment,

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02.10.2012 , 02:13 AM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by JabsTheGoon View Post
I did some testing tonight with cheap mods, the Civilian Pilot Suit (Social Light Armor) and Deadeye's Prototype Jacket (Orange Medium Armor)
Here are my results, using Skill Mod (X), and the mods I had materials onhand to make.

Mod/Light Armor Value/Medium Armor Value
2	58	91
3	70	109
4	83	127
5	97	146
6	111	166
7	125	186
8	140	206
9	154	226
12	201	290
Putting that into a spreadsheet and averaging, Light armor has 66.58% the armor that Medium does.

I don't have access to Orange Heavy that I can mod at this point, but I don't think it's unreasonable to speculate that the Medium to Heavy is around the same.
If that speculation is true (and the 'numerical gap' between Light to Medium is constant between Medium and Heavy), that means that Light armor is worth roughly HALF (49.93% is what the spreadsheet spit out) the armor that Heavy is, for a given mod.

Are we moving in the right direction to answer the question definitively?
I think this is the best example of what ppl are talking about. Social items aren't that useful for classes that don't use light armor. It seems only time you would use them is for companions. I was wanting to buy a complete STrooper set and wear it for my Sniper but I would be at a handicap doing this. Maybe they should add another slot to change it from light > medium > heavy armor.

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02.10.2012 , 02:55 AM | #53
Armoring is the component that determine your custom orange item armor rating. Light/medium/heavy scale differently even with the exact same piece of Armoring added. You'll see same armor rating but different armor value. Why would they call it heavy if the armor value is not significantly higher than medium/light.

I suppose all social gear are light because there're lesser choice of custom orange light armor compared to the other two.
Armormech make heavy for JK guardian and troopers.
Armormech make medium for JK sentinel and smugglers.
Synthweaving make heavy for JK guardian and troopers.
Synthweaving make medium for JK sentinel and smugglers.
Synthweaving make light for JC and JK(though not relevant).

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02.10.2012 , 03:07 AM | #54
In addition, green blue and purple scale differently as well.

For low level, similar level green to purple is 5 levels difference in terms of rating. It'll scale until 9 levels difference at the higher levels. Meaning, level 49 green is, equivalent to level 43 blue, is, equivalent to level 40 purple in terms of armor or power rating.

When comparing rating, you can compare green/blue/purple by rating but note the item level. 2 rating is 1 level.