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PSA: Companion Retrieval Terminal bugged - use at your own risk!

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PSA: Companion Retrieval Terminal bugged - use at your own risk!

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02.21.2019 , 07:30 PM | #1
According to customer service, if you retrieved either Quinn or Dorne from the companion retrieval terminal, you did so as part of a bug and were not supposed to be able to retrieve either one of them. Since they consider it a bug to have gotten them from the terminal in the first place, if you later lose them through the quirkiness of JUS they will do nothing to return them to you. If you invested in influence or gave them good gear that is lost to you as well. Way to go Bioware! Putting companions on the terminal that we aren't supposed to be able retrieve and not even give us a heads up that we are risking everything we invest in them! So which other companions are retrievable from the terminal that we aren't supposed to retrieve?

"After a thorough investigation, I can confirmed that this is not a bug and is working as designed. Checking from your previous storyline [Iokath] you were given a scenario to choose between Malavai or Elara and it showed on our system that you have chosen Elara. You can only choose 1 from them and cannot obtain both. I am really sorry for the confusion this may have caused if you were able to get Malvai back fromt the companion terminal.

Glad to have been of assistance in providing confirmation that you can only get 1 from Malavai Quinn or Elara Dorne."