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Can't get Time Limited mission on Ossus

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Can't get Time Limited mission on Ossus

MotorCityMan's Avatar

02.20.2019 , 02:34 PM | #1
My characters have all been to ossus for weeks doing dailies and wbs. This week, I cannot pick up the Time Limited weekly mission from the droid on a couple of toons. This includes a pub and imp toon. I can't remember if I abandoned the missions last week or if I did or not or on which toon. I do not have the mission anywhere in my mission logs. I have not completed it this week or last week on any toon.

When I click on the droid, there is no response at all. I have logged in and out and changed toons. How to solve this?

Kalonimus's Avatar

02.20.2019 , 10:59 PM | #2
Absolutely the same situation with my alts.

MotorCityMan's Avatar

02.26.2019 , 09:01 AM | #3
Tue is today and the missions have all reset and I still cannot get the Time Limited Mission from the droid on Ossus on serveral of my imp or pub toons. I have done Ossus before on these toons. But for 2 weeks I cannot get the Limited Time Mission. There is no limited time mission in my logs. There is nothing to reset. There is nothing to abandoned. I don't know any work-around. I have filled out tickets and they tell me to fill out bug reports and I have filled out bug reports but the problem persists. If I had to guess it is that I abandoned the limited time weekly 3 weeks ago and ever since I cannot pick up a new one. This shouldn't happen. Meanwhile, I can't do the timed weekly on my toons. This isn't right or fair and so far no one at Bioware seems aware or to care. My character progress is hampered by this bug. This is very frustrating.

MotorCityMan's Avatar

02.27.2019 , 01:58 PM | #4
I finally got a substantive response from in game ticket CS.

Thank you for your message!

There are two timed weeklies, they become available every two weeks:

[Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal

[Weekly] Monumental Data Crystal

You can have one OR the other, NOT both. On each reported character you have one active and trying to get the
other, which is not possible. You can only have one of these active at a time and to check mission log on your
characters, because one or the other is active.

Thanks to Sahil for looking into it. (and no thanks to the CS reps that sent me a lazy fill out a bug report form letter).