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Tribute to the Fallen

Yeldah_'s Avatar

06.14.2019 , 06:06 PM | #1
Greetings my fellow Star Wars nerds.

This post is a tribute to my fallen brothers and sisters of the Oceania and Asia Pacific.

I am apparently one of the last Oceania/Asia Pacific players left. Many years ago they tried to kill us all off as Tarkin would say “in one swift stroke.” They destroyed our server, hoping that we would be left helpless and defenseless. My server was Master Dar’Nala. It was wiped out in the blink of an eye. But many of us carried on. I, with many others, made the Bastion and Harbinger my home. Things were hard, but we endured. Then, in 2017 the hateful buggers came back to try and finish the job. Realizing that we could still thrive on the California based servers they cut them off too. Reducing their overall footprint they said. They tried to hide behind financial excuses, but we all saw it for what it was; the extermination of our kind! This was the killing blow for many of my kin. Their suffering was just too great. And so they died off, one subscription at a time. Now the servers are a ghost town in my prime hour. The emptiness of Carrick and Vaiken reeks of death and betrayal. But you haven’t killed us all off. I and a handful of others remain. We may be divided, scattered, and broken. But we remain. I have been tempted, many times, to just throw in the towel; to roll over and die. But that is what they wanted my fallen brothers and sisters. They relished our destruction. It brought them joy. Because of that, I shall remain just to spite them. Paying them a little money every month is a small price to pay to remind them of their deceitful betrayal. I hope that my presence serves as a haunting reminder of the blood on their hands. As long as I am a subscriber, the callous actions towards both Oceania and the Asia Pacific won’t be forgotten.

APAC And Proud

Suzsi's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 11:31 PM | #2
A few of us aussies still around.

I don't pvp much though. Used to for a while, then it got too laggy, also too hard to keep up with gear. Thankfully for me it was more of a side gig and not my main preferred style of play anyways. Healing unranked was fun back then sure, people were grateful for the heals but I was on beregin colony which was a far less toxic community overall. Soon as the merge happened I stopped with pvp to avoid toxicity, its not my cup of tea.

Just barely hanging in by a thread at the moment though, story is what interests me and there hasn't been much of that in a long while.


~~ Always looking for more Theron Shan and Aric romance. ~~

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 11:39 PM | #3
My wife, sister and myself are still here and kicking along.