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BIOWARE HELP : Activation Lag today has become game breaking for many people.

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BIOWARE HELP : Activation Lag today has become game breaking for many people.

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

06.13.2019 , 07:37 PM | #1
The lag has been getting worse since the patches. Now it’s game breaking for me.

This lag is much worse than yesterday. I can’t even list stuff on the GTN now. But I could 5 minutes ago.

Ability activation is also around 2 seconds today

Lag at this lvl is game breaking. I can’t believe Bioware are ignoring it during an event and double points.

I’m on Star Forge and my ping is steady at the same lvl it always is. No noticeable spikes. Just massive delays in doing anything in the game.

taxidermis's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 04:46 AM | #2
Same but it varies.. wz and gsf are fine. Heroics on coruscant unplayable cause of 5 sec delay on any ability even though my ping reads good. Dantooine better but still frustrating at 2 sec delay. Only place I didn't struggle yesterday was taris imp side star forge. Have cced musco on Twitter as well as sent in game bug report and several thread replies here
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Darevsool's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 07:03 AM | #3
I played on SS for the first time in awhile last night. Or I tried to.
The lag there is so much worse than it is on SF.

I did cz198 weekly and it was "ok"
I went to Balmorra, expecting to be able to be functional on one of the two instances, but they were both full 90+ people and the lag was really bad.
On SF, the lag seems to start around 65 people in an instance (on balmorra).
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MrufkaZ's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 07:45 AM | #4
I can report the same on Malgus. Abilities delay is sometimes more pronouced, sometimes less, but since the last patch - always there.

I'm replaying class story, purely for fun and it's actually a chore.
I'm not going to even attempt any group content at this point. Please, fix this...

kezzin's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 07:57 AM | #5
Same for me on Star Forge. Seems to be worse with more people.
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KaltoVaxcter's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 08:08 AM | #6
I was playing a Heroic 2+ Mission on Balmorra yesterday ( BH on Malgus) and the lag caused the Heroic Moment to activate without actually appearing...

The icon greyed out, and the music played... I just had nothing to press on....

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DavidAtkinson's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 08:30 AM | #7
For me it has been like this every since they merged servers and it was better and worse to non existent after each patch...

Ability delays completely ruined my games in ranked quite a few times.. Now imagine yourself wanting to activate a defensive ability that doesn't fire up right away even after 2 or 3 presses of the button...

My connection is 55-60 ms. When I get delays it spikes up to 150 for a few seconds during which I have delays then goes back normal.

Also. the delays rarely happen in PVE.. they have a higher chance to happen in pvp.

JediQuaker's Avatar

06.14.2019 , 11:05 AM | #8
I had activation lag and stuttering in SWTOR yesterday - but I also had it in TFC (Half-Life mod) and YouTube, so I think the general internet backbone may be, at least, partially to blame.
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