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How to reduce amount of xp earned?

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How to reduce amount of xp earned?

aecheonveelain's Avatar

10.17.2019 , 05:38 AM | #1
I would very much enjoy being able to do most or all of the quests on a planet without getting so much xp that I eventually skunk the zone and trivialize all of the content but it doesn't seem that you can.

Please tell me this isn't the case and that there is some way to reduce xp?

Before anyone try and convince me that it's better I get more xp faster - that's fine. I am glad you like leveling super fast, but I don't want that. I want to play how I want to play, which is doing quests when they are the same level as me, and have a challenge, instead of being 5-10 levels higher than everything and killing enemies with no challenge.

ceryxp's Avatar

10.17.2019 , 09:58 AM | #2
There are conflicting reports that the White Acute Module works outside of double XP events. Unfortunately, that is only available during double XP events and we're not likely to see another one of those for a while. 6.0, which is supposed to come next Tuesday the 22nd, will be changing the level sync levels for planets, lowering them by 2 levels, which will make a character more in line with the upper level of a planet instead of over level. Reports from PTS testing show that to have mixed results. The only sure way to lower your XP gains is to cancel your sub and go preferred.
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