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2.0 DPS Kinetic/Infiltration PvP Concept: Accelerated Kinetics

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2.0 DPS Kinetic/Infiltration PvP Concept: Accelerated Kinetics

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09.19.2013 , 03:57 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSpekulatius View Post
lol why didn't you link your own post too?
no one knew back then that they would Change Operations to challenge Healers and tanks with Spike Damage instead of how it used to be, whereas you cried the Sky is Falling based on (by your own admission) missing knowledge of the full Picture.
anyway have fun beating old posts from someone who isn't active atm.
It's in this post, and I though quoting 2 long post would be annoying so I let others to search a bit. but since you ask here is my original post

Quote: Originally Posted by YaanaOhtar View Post
Ok. after seeing the talents tree of all tanks, compare it with the old one., i want to ask: What the fing that Devs thinking.

The tank that is in light armor which in a tanking stance that barely has the same amount of armor equal as heavy armor dps, now lost 20% of our armor ? while the others tank in their tanking stance - which increase armor rate - with Heavy armor, now having 16% more armor ?

They said KW would compare to our armor rate ? it 8 charge that barely last for 10 sec in any freaking boss and the cool down is increase to 15 sec, so in 5 sec we're dead meat. And the shield is useless against any Force/tech attack.

Did they really test it, or those idiots only use computer simulations then said it needed to balance out to others tank. Fing BW, i will wait till 2.0 out to cancel my sub so they understand why i stop paying idiots.
Really ? is it that hard for any logical person to image that with an armour rate barely higher than healer is an idiotic idea ? I remember there was s.o told me that Shadow is now even harder to kill than ever ? ya. really guys ? What is the definite of Tank anyway ? "Low armor, high dodging chance"

And just as I thought, that idiot only tested 1 tank and simulated others. While his whole jobs suppose to be testing every tank.

Anyway, not beating anyone. Just bore, and during my search for news about changing shadow I found this old post and realized that Kitru used to support these changes.

Have funs