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<Flames Of The Phoenix> Seeking Raiding Players

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<Flames Of The Phoenix> Seeking Raiding Players

Jedimania's Avatar

02.16.2013 , 03:30 PM | #1
<Flames Of The Phoenix> is a casual guild which engages in both PVE and PVP content.

However we need more players in our guild who are somewhat serious about completing end-game operations and who can progress with us. We will take any roles currently.

For Players who need to get started with Rakata gear, our guild runs "Gearing Ops" (Eternity Vault/Karagga's Palace Hard Mode,Explosive Conflicts Story Mode, and Terror From Beyond Story Mode) Wed. & Thurs. nights at 8pm EST.

Our Progression Operations (Explosive Conflicts Hard Mode & Terror From Beyond Hard Mode) are on Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm to 11pm EST.

If you have any questions please address them here or friends list/mail Ravennia (Guildmaster) or Ceruleán (alt-0225) in-game.
You may also submit an application at our guild website below.