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Post your Smugglers name

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Post your Smugglers name

Mozivicus's Avatar

07.24.2014 , 08:48 PM | #821
Annie'Oakley...she's a dead eye

Sinapus's Avatar

07.25.2014 , 09:07 AM | #822
Quote: Originally Posted by Mozivicus View Post
Annie'Oakley...she's a dead eye
Heh. That's why my legacy name is "Oakle" and I have a character named "Anri" whom I'm going to make into a gunslinger.

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Cuiwe's Avatar

07.25.2014 , 10:09 AM | #823
My character's name: Scaevola.

My character's full name: Marco "Scaevola" Hereward.

Why Scaevola? Well research it and then you'll understand that it makes OMG sense for a Scoundrel(There's always something left handed to these blokes ).
"I am not in this for politics, nor the wanton destruction, hell not even for credits. I have chosen this way of life because of the hunt and because it was pushed onto me on some ugly slimeball called a "pearl" and Honour bound me to this path ever onwards" Caelestinus

jmmshadow's Avatar

07.25.2014 , 12:03 PM | #824
Got two of them.

Captain Arrerord: Level 55 Gunslinger, can't pronounce my name, fine i'll shoot you with both my guns.

Outlaw Arcame: Level 34 Scoundrel, yep Arcame, arsaw, arcounquerored.

Kaedusz's Avatar

07.26.2014 , 05:49 AM | #825
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Obafawe's Avatar

07.29.2014 , 09:53 AM | #826
Captain Sum'Ting of the Wong legacy...

Stupid Asian airlines crash made it a bit less "funny"...been gettin flak over that but I've used this name since Ultima Online launched...some 16+ years.
Along with Nah'Ting...W'Ut and Ny'Ting
Obafawe Wopi
Sum'Ting Wong
Tai'Mai Shu
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WolfmanRobby's Avatar

08.07.2014 , 12:20 PM | #827
I wanted to pull out the name of one of my favorite fictional Mob Bosses that walks just on the good side of the line, with a soft spat for kids... I used JohnnyMarcone.
As in "Gentlemen Johnny Marcone" the crime lord (who deals heavily in smuggling) from "The Dresdon Files" books.


08.07.2014 , 11:30 PM | #828
EASTEDERD Heathenreel, I was thinking of Handyman'Savage but it fits more with my fat Bounty Hunter.

Csillastar's Avatar

08.19.2014 , 05:54 PM | #829
Annatoria. She's a Mirialan and is in the scoundrel class.

BootseyChkn's Avatar

08.27.2014 , 08:59 AM | #830
Hamps' Thowlow

Pretty much because after my two year hiatus from this game I come back and my smuggler needs a rename. I look him over. He's wearing a big bright green scarf with big white polka dots on it with fabulous hair and he just looked fabulous. So I imagined how Han Solo would say his own name if he were incredibly flamboyant. Say the name in your best flamboyant voice and have yourself a giggle.