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Which Story do you always find yourself repeating and why?

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Which Story do you always find yourself repeating and why?

KozmicKorpse's Avatar

06.22.2019 , 12:17 PM | #1
For example, I am always repeating the Sith Warrior storyline. Just something about being a Sith and going through the rounds of an acolyte to a Lord of great power feels amazing. Also testing out the different ways to make my warrior, either Completely Dark Side, Completely Light Side, or even Neutral is just great.

BellumEstBellum's Avatar

06.22.2019 , 01:01 PM | #2
Sith Warrior, Jedi Knight and Bounty Hunter. I don't like the Bounty Hunter Story that much, but I love the class fantasy especially becoming a Mandalorian. The BHs would have benefited from starting out in a Mando clan instead of the whole Hutta Braden thing. The best story out of them all is the Agent's, from start to finish.

ObsidianBones's Avatar

06.22.2019 , 05:21 PM | #3
Doing all class stories for a third run through on SS, but if I had to pick one to do over all the time, I'd have to say Sith Inquisitor. It was the first one I ever did when I got into the game, and is my favorite by far. Mainly because of companions like Khem and Andronikos.

TacoManCow's Avatar

06.22.2019 , 09:14 PM | #4
I found myself replaying the Imperial Agent story for the fourth time not too long ago. The characters are just fleshed out so well, and the voice acting is so on point, that I genuinely find the plot interesting again and again.

MadDutchman's Avatar

06.23.2019 , 08:08 PM | #5
SI is the big one for me.

I really enjoy the slave to dark council member narrative, plus the quest for power, feels very Sithy

Honourable mentions go to SW (Vette) and IA (concealment operative knifing everything in sight)
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JuventusAndFCK's Avatar

07.07.2019 , 07:08 PM | #6
I have only repeated three stories so far (ongoing with my JK v.2 and Inquisitor v.2, so really only one).

Alignment is a part of it, but I really wanna play through quite a few stories without even changing that. I thought the smuggler chick I played was quite fun with both story and gameplay so I could totally see myself just repeating a neutral-selfish character like I did last time.

The story I completed twice in full (base game) is Sith Warrior. I really like the male voice actor for light side, he sounds so idealistic and charismatic when lecturing him opponents on his alternative path to power. I feel like the female VA is better suited for the dark side options (I think Natasha Little plays female villains or minions in quite a few other games too) but I played her in neutral allignment, basically with the mind not to deny herself power, but also that she recognises the corruption that she feels eventually leads to downfall in the dark side. Some day I wanna replay light side male again, it was just good fun and I really enjoyed the Vette romance.

The Jedi knight i'm replaying is also neutral alignment (first char was female 100% light, standard heroic jedi) but the reason why I chose it, was just to bring a neat character design to life that I wanted to play. When I played through Dromund Kass with my Sith warrior lady, I did a heroic mission with a high-level SW that was dual wielding a pair of rare gamorrean axes, which I found kinda cool. Like a barbarian kinda design. I basically took that inspiration to play a JK cathar that would dual wield those Beskad blades that were relatively cheap on the cartel market.

Inquisitor is also a story of replaying for the sake of neutral alignment. First one was dark side. Maybe I just suck at sticking to dark side, lol. I wanted to play through the game with a Miraluka, but I found the Jedi classes just a tad bit too normal-ish to mix with it and just decided to go with the SI story. Its kinda different to do that with a Miraluka, while still fitting the with the slavery theme.

As for different alignment playthrough I have thought of doing a neutral agent. My first agent was dark side, but I didn't really feel like that alignment fit with her personality so I kinda wanna redo the class with a more open minded character and then romance Raina.

JuventusAndFCK's Avatar

07.08.2019 , 02:23 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Larexis View Post
The Inquisitor is such a great story because (and I'll try to remain spoiler free) it has you rise from nothing at the beginning and slowly climbing your way through the empire's hierarchy until you can finally strike at the upper echelons of the Empire. It is (as far as I can tell) not affected that much by alignment, so you can make whatever choices you wand and you'll still end at near the same place. While this may be seen as a downside, I personally like the separation of choice and outcome, as you can be whatever you want; a ruthless Sith enforcer, or a benevolent leader.
Indeed. My only gripe with the SI story is, that I personally feel like the story holds my hand too much. After becoming the enemy of Thanaton it irks me a bit that it seems like you are still being told where to go. This isn't a big issue though, I just wish Bioware had written some more agency into the SI character.

BenKatarn's Avatar

07.09.2019 , 01:57 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by JuventusAndFCK View Post
After becoming the enemy of Thanaton it irks me a bit that it seems like you are still being told where to go.
One of the problems is definitely that, even after becoming a Lord, basically your entire course of action is still dictated to you by NPCs and other companions. With the Warrior, this at least makes some sense because you are working under someones orders (Darth Baras and later the Hand), but the Inquisitor is openly defying their superior, yet where to go and what do to isn't something the Inquisitor comes up with.
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Shaithiss's Avatar

07.11.2019 , 09:19 PM | #9
Four have always drug me back to them.

Putting up spoiler here just because I'm going to actually delve into a couple of these a bit and want to be on the safe side.


brendhanbb's Avatar

07.14.2019 , 10:42 PM | #10
i would say the bounty hunter even though i have yet to beat it. i have only beaten 2 stories so far though planing to finish the jedi and maybe bounty hunter one day may start the warrior soon but for now i am focused on my jedi.