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Sorc Healing

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06.30.2014 , 11:09 AM | #1
Hey guys ive been away from the game for a year and ive been wondering what do you people need in warzones im a lvl 31 sorc specd for healing and need to know what i should do some people are saying, in huttball stay with the tank and if he has the ball dont do **** but overload and drop shields and heals on him but doesnt that anger you guys if ur a DPS and need quick heals? in my most recent warzone it was huttball and they kept throwing the ball to me and idk what to do im the healer and if i try to throw the ball i miss and since im the healer i die easy. any help, tips, advice, is needed thank you and MTFBWY always

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06.30.2014 , 12:28 PM | #2
[deleted - double posting]
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06.30.2014 , 12:37 PM | #3
In general, don't stack with the tank carrying the ball, because a Sorcerer must avoid AOE damage. Heal the ball-carrier from 30 meters in front of him. First, you can Extricate him (once your level is high enough to train this ability). Second, he can advance the ball by passing to you, or, if he's a Juggernaut, by Interceding to you.

A Sorcerer is a good ball-carrier with Force Speed + skill Fadeout (and, at higher levels, skill Corrupted Speed). There's no reason for any player to have trouble passing the ball.

Some players treat every Warzone as an Arena (i.e., as a deathmatch). How you handle this is up to you. I score or assist with scoring, and let players ignoring objectives die. Heals aren't a human right; a player who wants healing should be worthy of it.
Orderken, <Hates You>, Prophecy of the Five

Guides and Model for Healing
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07.01.2014 , 11:05 PM | #4
My general advice for (sorc) healing in Huttball (some of which was already covered, thanks Orderken):

* Use Extricate to pull ball carriers across fire pits to help get the ball to the goal line.
* Bubble, Rejuvinate (sorry for Sage speak, I don't Sorc often) ball carrier as much as possible, those are your instant casts that you can cast on the ball carrier on the run. Stop and heal them up when you can too.
* Be prepared to carry the ball. Everyone should be, all classes are capable, they just need to use their skills in new ways- keeping the goal-scoring objective in mind:
Save your root-breaker for if you get stunned in fire
Use Force Speed wisely
Use knockbacks (Overload) and stuns to stop people in your way- push them into the fire or stun them before they can push/ pull/ stun you (DON'T use Overload for heals in Huttball, it's only any good if you have all 7 teammates standing together. MUCH more useful as a pushback)
* You can now double-click the "Throw the Huttball" ability on your quickbar to THROW THE BALL TO YOUR TARGET. So if you have trouble throwing it, TARGET SOMEONE OBVIOUSLY WAITING FOR THE BALL AND STANDING STILL THEN DOUBLE-CLICK THE "THROW THE HUTTBALL" SKILL. No more excuses for not throwing
* You ask about whether or not to heal the DPS- Orderken's advice is good. Only heal players worth healing- those playing the objectives. They will be the ball-carriers and the front-runners- those running ahead to receive passes. Also important are the ranged DPS keeping the enemy clear in mid so your team can pick the ball up. Sometimes hard to tell between those people actively doing that and people who just want to brawl. Don't bother with anyone just looking for 1v1 fights, that doesn't help the objective.