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Quality of Life Suggestion: Personal and Legacy Armoire.

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Quality of Life Suggestion: Personal and Legacy Armoire.

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04.05.2020 , 04:33 PM | #1
For perspective:
I have the complete set of Remnant Arkanian gear for the Agent, Bounty Hunter, Inquisitor, Knight, & Warrior classes.
I have the complete set of Remnant Dreadguard gear for Agent, Knight, Smuggler, & Trooper classes.
I have the complete set of Remnant Yavin gear for Agent, Bounty Hunter, Consular, & Warrior classes.
I have the complete set of Remnant Underworld gear for Agent & Warrior classes.
I have the complete set of Remnant Resurrected gear for Bounty Hunter & Trooper classes.
This represents, currently, 119 slots of my current total of 560 in my Legacy Cargo Hold.

I would like to propose the idea of a new Decoration item for Strongholds, and Guild Flagships:

Personal Armoire --
Like the Personal Cargo Hold, this would be able to hold any bound "Armour" item, allowing the player to, as with the Collections system, "Reclaim" the complete set of any outfit set they want to keep available on a specific given character. This would NOT be like having an additional "Outfit," because to use it they would still need to reclaim a copy and pay the credit cost for activation of an outfit.

Legacy Armoire --
Like the Personal Cargo Hold, except that it would take any item that is Bind-to-Legacy or Unbound and allow the player to put it into this Armoire where they can reclaim it from any character on their legacy that they want to do so with.

As an alternative:
I would propose that rare armour sets that require you to gather them in a specific manner (not including those with set bonuses, for obvious reasons) should fall under the "Collections" system/tab, allowing you to reclaim an outfit only once you've accumulated all of the constituent elements of that outfit (such as having 7/7 of the Remnant Underworld Warrior armour-slot items). This would NOT include placing set bonuses on these items, it would simply make it possible for you to not need to KEEP a set in your Legacy Cargo Hold or in some Personal Cargo Hold to have access tosomething that can take hundreds of locked crates to accumulate the complete set for.

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04.07.2020 , 07:47 AM | #2
You don't seem to be suggesting that the contents of this Armoire should be visible to visitors of your SH, so why make it a decoration?
In any case, a similar function can be performed by just creating a new character to act as a storage mule. Make a new character and use it's Inventory and Cargo Hold to hold those armour pieces. There would be no need to "play" or "level" the character.
Since what you propose is (I think) unlikely to happen, a storage mule is your best bet. If you did want the contents to be viewable in the SH, you're out of luck for now.
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04.11.2020 , 05:04 AM | #3
So you're proposing additional storage? At first, I thought you meant a mannequin to display our armor sets. In that case, a solution would be to create a collections tab simply for rare armor or add those armors to the current system.
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