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racing / pod racing / swoop racing - events

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racing / pod racing / swoop racing - events

battleaxeman's Avatar

05.04.2019 , 01:07 PM | #1
lets say you have season, like in pvp, but you have it as an event, where the race track moves around planets... but you could interleave it by every second week or once a month.

if you don't create it as an event, you could add an aspect of it into the bounty hunter contract where u have to kidnap or murder a racer, as the organization has a bet against that racer npc winning the race.

there could be a hole new corporation aside from zerka / hutts,
The introduction starts out where you get hired to find out who killed or kidnapped a racer, who is sabotaging the teams pit droids.. whose camping out on the track...
quest: smuggle parts that are embargo to the race track
you create your own organization, or become a racer.

Build your own pit droids ( pit droids added to cybertech, engine flairs for the colour trail you leave behind.) and you have to get engine parts for your swoop chassis. some chassis are purchasable, some are craft-able, some are regrettably in cartel market. you have

desert environment speeders,
cold environment speeders
water environment speeders
asteroid / space environment speeders

... stylized parts.. a desert engine, an engine marked for cold climates, so you have to have a different speeder for different type of planet.

obstacles get onto the track

an under water track... like in the subscriber quest line with hk.
hoth, tatooine, alderaan, coruscant, rishi, zakuul, manaan, a track that takes place on an asteroid
(Hoth, race track runs through a wompa area. tauntauns run onto track. ice crystals fall onto track.. )

race sizes could be in operation sized groups if this is event based..

This wouldn't have to be implemented all at once either, you could do 1 track per year or something.

just an idea. probably been through of before though.
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Monumenta's Avatar

05.09.2019 , 10:40 PM | #2
swoop/ pod racing would be great. Moving the track from planet to planet like the rak event is an excellent idea.

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

05.10.2019 , 01:44 AM | #3
You do realize that some of this suggestion is already possible. There have been guild events in the past that have plotted a track around planets such as Hoth and Tattooine.

It takes a bit of organizing beforehand, - setting a route and making sure there are no short-cuts or cheaters. Put up some prize money etc.

<Stroke my Wookiee> guild (DM) did one a while back. IIRC it was on a PvP instance, so they could position snipers and such on choke-points to attack racers. I imagine everyone put up some credits to go into the prize fund and from all accounts a lot of fun was had by all.

Okay so it's not as detailed and complex as the OP suggested, but you could do it this weekend if you drum up enough support.

Witing for BioWare to implement such a thing means cash and time - in other words, a long wait for a train that don't come.

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