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Don't join eternal order imp/rep side

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Don't join eternal order imp/rep side

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04.19.2019 , 10:25 PM | #11
They may not know how to run a clan, but they know how to run a dictatorship.

These are one of the guilds that, with a planet needing 200k to complete, they are on the leaderboards for 10 mil plus points and the response i get from that is "We are trying to get our guildies titles."

Which is partially what lead to the rewards being expanded whether you are on the leaderboard or not.
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Valin_Marr's Avatar

05.15.2019 , 08:32 AM | #12
It's pretty much why I don't join guilds at all, and I have my social settings turned off on everything. Last guild I was in was on the imp side. I didn't log into that character for 3 days because I am leveling 7 new characters on both servers. I was kicked. Even after I particapted in a guild event the first day and told them hey I am leveling a lot characters now is that going to be a problem? I ever stuck up for the guild in general chat when people were running the guild down only to log in to find I was kicked.

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05.15.2019 , 09:16 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by EvanSnowWolf View Post
I came back to this game after a very long break and decided to try out Imperial side. After a few hours of playing I got an invite from this guild.

The dealbreaker?

No swearing is permitted.

Sorry, I have to be on goshest darndest bestest behavior all day at work. I don't come home to be censored.
Pretty sure I saw someone recruiting for them last night lol. This along with the mandatory meetings. Yeah that's a no from me dawg.
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