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Daily Solo Ranked NA PvP Streams

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Daily Solo Ranked NA PvP Streams

TythonsRagnarok's Avatar

05.04.2019 , 08:08 AM | #1
So, Ive debated for a while getting back into streaming, A few of you may know of me from my past on Twitch, As SwtorJunkie/DarthJunkie , Now while i wont be streaming on Twitch, Due to reasons which are far too well known for my liking, Ive decided over the past week, I have missed it, Missed creating content (If you can call it content), So ive decided to Stream again Daily on ... This is a site very Similar to Twitch, In the sense you can make a username, Spam emotes, Etc etc.

So what can you expect from said streams? You can expect exactly what the title says, Daily N/A Solo Ranked Games, Now i wont lie, Its not a stream for Children, As much as i will try to make content a little more PG these days, Im an Adult (Well debatable to some) So there will be some Cursing, I say some but probably a LOT, But i am aiming to make the streams more about getting more people into solo ranked, And trying to teach to the best of my abilities about certain aspects of gameplay, Be that DCD Management, Class Utilities, Gearing or just general Class gameplay, Im by no means an expert in solo ranked nor do i consider myself a *Good* Player, I just simply enjoy Arena based PVP.

I started Ranked PVP In season 7, From which i gained Bronze on most of my Characters (I know what an achievement eh?) But from there ive learnt from people i respect and consider vastly better than myself, And went from that Bronze To Gold in Season 9 And Season 10, This season (11) Ive even managed to get a gold as DPS, Which is something ive never even thought possible before. Again im not saying this makes me a *Good* Player, But it does state im willing to take on board what others have tried to teach me! Although i still wont let them tell me to Keybind, Yes im a clicker, A bad one, But its the way us Old folk play the game!

So if youre on the fence about joining ranked, And would like some tips or If youre seasoned pro and just want to laugh at the clicker running in circles, Come along try the new streaming platform, And see what you think!

Where can you catch these streams? And when?

Well! You can catch them at Daily from around 9pm EST (May start later/Earlier depending on Day/Pop rate)